Poll: New VS Old Commenting System

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So 'member a few days ago when I was feeling all disconnected and un-blogger-like because I could never respond to your comments?

Well I went and installed the Disqus commenting program on a whim. At first, it seemed pretty awesome. Y'all left me a million comments saying hi and I wrote back to every single one. That was fun.

But, I've come to realize that you can't link back to the person's site who left the comment. Ack! I used that feature all the time on the regular, Blogger commenting system. How do I get back to your site to check out what you've been up to? And if the comment says Michelle, how do I know which one!?!?!? (There are alot of lovely bloggers/readers named Michelle btw.)

I don't know what to do. Stick with the new system for a bit longer, or go back to the old one? I do love being able to respond to your comments. However if the Disqus program is too hard to use then you probably won't leave any comments anyway!!

Soooooo, I put a little poll on the top right-hand side of my blog homepage. Would you mind clicking on it to let me know which version you prefer?

Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated so I can get this sorted out asap!!

P.S. I really like your hair like that.


  1. The new commenting system looks great, but I still prefer the old one. Also, the comments box was at the top of the comments where all other comment boxes are at the end, which seems pretty standard throughout.

  2. After clicking in the corner it looks like the old way is winning...


  3. It doesn't really matter too much to me, mind you, my ego really liked the personal 'right back at ya' replies! It's your blog, my dear, so ultimately, you should do what you like best! We will still read and enjoy!!!!

    Claire (the super cute, BFF, anxiously waiting to adopt, BC Mommy)

  4. I wasn't getting your responses in my inbox so I prefer the old one. :)

  5. testing here....I am choosing the "Name/URL" option which is one I usually like.

  6. i have such issues with commenting back...i personally like to easily be linked with the commentors, so that i can show them some love too!

  7. I just found your beautiful blog, and I´m so happy I did !!!!!


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