A Photo A Day For Seven Days - Day 5

Friday, April 1, 2011


{Note to self: You suck at photo-a-day challenges. Don't ever do one again or you will end up losing all of your readers.}

Let me explain the picture. I joined the "Wanna-Be Skinny" club at work again this year where a bunch of us try to lose 5% of our body weight by the last day of school. We usually start sometime after the March Break and work really hard to get all slim n' trim by the end of the year. We all put money in the pot and the ones who make their goal weight get to split the money (and eat a huge disgusting McDonald's feast on the last day of school). This is our third time doing this little challenge and it is really motivating and fun.

Don't know if I ever mentioned this but I`m a wee bit competitive. So I might have gone a little too crazy this past week.

{Another note to self: When you eat more than your husband and dog combined (no joke, peoples) don't all of a sudden cut your calorie intake by a third. You'll be really cranky. You might even fight with your husband about whether to have romaine lettuce or field greens in the salad.}

So, we're having a cheat night tonight. Pizza!!!!!!!!!!! Yay.


Joining me are:

B & B's Mama from B & B's Nest
Robyn from Out of Ours
Carmen from This Is What I Love


  1. Yum! It's got veggies so it's still healthy right? ;)

  2. It looks good, except for those mushrooms (ewww...mushrooms taste like dirt!)

    But, I'm all about the melty, cheesy goodness!


  3. The looks like the tastiest pizza around...maybe I'm just hungry:o)

  4. YUM-O! Have a slice for me too!! :)

  5. It's decided.....pizza tonight for us, too! Veggie, of course.

  6. Caught you! It's okay though... I had poutine yesterday in Sturgeon! Can't go to Sturgeon without going to the Chip Stands :o)
    Hilarious posts and pics, I chuckled all the way through... lmao


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