Pink Leaves and My First Go At Adding Photo Textures

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awhile back I thought it would be fun to add a little pink to our yellow-and-white schemed living room. I came across a tiny little houseplant with pink leaves (I know, right!?!?) at Home Depot a few weeks ago. It's a delicate little thing so I'm amazed I've been able to keep it alive for this long already.  

I love how it looks on the little yellow tray that sits on our old trunk in the living room. I added a tiny country decorating book, a rattan coaster from our trip to Mexico a few years ago, and an antique bell that I bought for my classroom but ended up keeping at home because I love it so.

After reading Tricia's post over at A Rosy Note, I decided to try adding one of those photo-texture things just for fun. I headed over to a photography blog called Kim Klassen Cafe and downloaded two of her textures called Silence and SweetTreat. I had no idea what I was doing and basically smashed the buttons on my keyboard until I was satified that it might have, kind of worked.

Here are the original photos (with no texture things added).

That's all. Nothing too exciting going on over here. Just lazing around (obviously) and eating a giant bowl of Honeynut Cheerios. Hope you're having a great weekend!!!

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  1. That little plant is so sweet. Sometimes a small decorative object, can really change the mood of a room. A living thing is especially wonderful, as you can watch it grow too. Would love to see it when it is bigger :)

  2. ..... IF I can keep it alive. Eeeek! :)

  3. Mary@Redo101.blogspot.comApril 16, 2011

    Wow, this is a new photo idea for me - cannot wait to try it - it made such an awesome difference in your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this plant its speckled pink leaves draw me in. Love the milk glass you have it sitting in.

  5. Love that little plant! I think it has several names...none of which I can come up with now! Great use of textures.

  6. What a sweet little plant. I love gardening outdoors but don't have much luck inside. keep us posted how this one does. Pretty photos.

  7. Your photos are so pretty Sarah! I like that one that is taken from above. Those textures did a nice job of lightening things up, didn't they. Did you watch one of Kim's video's? That's how I finally figured out to do. Just think you're no longer a texture virgin ;)

    Thanks for sharing your post at my party :)

  8. Love the whole vignette, the vintage bell is so pretty. I have the same plant in my living room and I too freaked out when I saw a plant with pink leaves!

  9. For a non-pink lover I think it's a really pretty plant! Have some faith in your self that you'll look after it just fine.

  10. Michelle GerigApril 17, 2011

    Your photos are beautiful! I love the pink and green leaves of this little plant and your vignette is perfect. :)

  11. Anita @ GoingalittlecoastalApril 18, 2011

    Look beautiful Sarah. You did great for just mashing some buttons :) It looks so cute on that tray.


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