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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rusty Bell Removal

'Member these?

After trying to love (but still being slightly annoyed with) my Christmas tree, I decided to just go ahead and take off all of those rusty orangish-red bells that I had added to the tree yesterday. It looks better already. Sometimes I think that there is something wrong with my brain. Obsessive-compulsive-disorder.

Ruffly Burlap Garland That Wasn't

After reading this post over at Honey and Maple Syrup I was dead-set on making a ruffly burlap garland for the tree.

Except I only bought one package of garland. Smooshing and bunching fabric to make a ruffle means you need a LOT of burlap garland. Stupid, stupid me. I was in such a rush to get my tree done on Sunday that I convinced myself that twisting the burlap would look just as pretty (when I realized I didn't have enough).

Um, no.

The evil voice in my head is telling me to go to Michaels after work tomorrow and get some more garland so that I can make the beautiful ruffly garland of my dreams. The logical part of my brain is telling me to just leave the tree alone. Hmmmm..................

Holiday Placemats

I've had a crush on these placemats ever since I read this post at Nesting Place.

Technically they're not holiday placemats. They're just regular ones from Pier One. But I'm going to use them for Christmas Eve dinner so now they are the holiday kind. I saved up all of the loonies and toonies that Alex gave me for coffee over the last few weeks so that I could buy them with cash and stash them in the trunk until our big dinner-fest. Note to self: husbands look in trunks for things like car-scrapers. Doh.

I Triple Like You

Thank you #1 to you lovely readers who always seem to leave the sweetest comments. I try to respond (via email)(if you shared your email address on your Blogger profile) as much as I can personally but sometimes I just get waaaaay behind. I appreciate each and every comment so much. So thank you.

Thank you #2 to my newest followers. I apologize in advance for bad grammar, rambling, and lots of un-decorating. Heh heh heh. Thank you for signing on and I bet you're really cute in real life. I'm glad you're here.

Thank you #3 to three lovely gal blogger pals (you know who you are ;) who each gave me oh-so-thoughtful blogging awards. Reading your posts made my day for sure.

Here is a present that I stole from the internet just for you, my lovely blog-reading friends:

Maybe one day I will take a picture this cute. Maybe with my new camera. OCD.


  1. Make the garland burlap ruffle, you will be so glad you did♥

  2. I love your honesty about the undecorating. How many times do we all do that? For the record, I thought your tree looked great, but if it's driving you nuts, there's no amount of psychotherapy that will get you thinking otherwise. I know! I'm always trying to make myself like stuff! Oh decorating.... such a fickle fickle friend.

  3. I love your bells! Sorry they weren't working for you. You could weave some ribbon into your placemats to change them up for the seasons/holidays if you wanted something more festive. But they're quite nice as they are.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I completely understand undecorating a tree, I did it yesterday and today. I am not happy with the stupid fake tree, so I have given mine a very different look. I really love those bells of yours, why don't you spray paint them, then you might want to use them. I know burlap garland is all the rage, but don't let it stress you out, I love the twisted burlap. Your tree looks a whole lot better than mine!:)
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I won't be much help convincing you NOT to un-decorate. I think your burlap twist looks lovely, BUT I know very well that there is no rest until what is in the mind is on the tree. The ruffle sounds delightful!

  6. It's good to know I am not the only one who does a post and then thinks what was I thinking? I liked your tree, but totally undestand when you do something and decide it isn't what you wanted. My tree had to grow on me and now I like it. It is all sparkly and colorful which is not my style.

  7. Love your tree, love your little "gifty" pic, love your rambling ;)

    Happy holidays,

  8. I was waiting for you to say that you took the bells off and painted them white. In fact, I am fully expecting to see them painted and popping up in a photo sometime before Christmas.
    You know you want to.....!


  9. You are just so cute....know that we all understand the dadd (decorating attention deficit disorder). I bookmarked that ruffly garland too, but didn't want to got out and get more burlap :)

  10. i made my own burlap ribbon. well, i lied. my mom did it. its on my blog. :)


  11. Thanks for the bloggy love!! I was catching up on blogs since I haven't been on here in like, forever, and this was such a nice surprise =) Sorry, I probably forgot to mention that you need about 3 rolls of that stuff =(


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