Late For a Very Important Date

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yeah. I'm kind of late decorating for Christmas this year. As usual. (Remember my Halloween decorations that never saw the light of day? Whoops.)

Sigh. I had big plans. I even busted out a few Christmas posts mid-November just to tick people off get in the holiday spirit. I thought that starting a few crafts earlier than usual would give me enough time to be totally and completely ready for the holidays.

Sure I did a few crafts. But my regular Christmas decorations are still buried in the back of the storage room downstairs and my Christmas tree is still lying in the middle of the driveway.

Let me explain. We got our Christmas tree last weekend from a greenhouse on the outskirts of the city. We make the drive there every year since they are the only place that sells scotch pines (see picture below).  

Please note that this is not our tree.
When we got there we had to rethink our regular Christmas tree tradition 'cause all of the supposed-to-be-full-and-lovely scotch pines were already turning brown and losing their needles. Noooooo! So we picked out a new kind of tree (a balsam fir?) and had my dad drop it off at our place the next day. He left it leaning against the side of the house...... near the door so we could easily bring it inside. H-o-w-e-v-e-r because we obviously suck, we left it out there all week and it has since been knocked over by insane winds and has rolled right into the middle of the driveway. We're such classy folks.

Me chillin' with a giant reindeer at the greenhouse.
I must've gotten a "wear multiple hot pink items" memo that day.
Yes, those are donkey mitts. Don't judge me. I work with 6 year olds.

I've been wanting to put some greenery in our window boxes outside, too, but it's been -18 degrees Celsius here all week (hence the dorky winter gear above) so that's not happening anytime soon.

I do have one tiny spot in the house decorated so far. Here is a little sneak peek:

My goal is to get the tree up and decorated before the weekend. Wish me luck!!!


  1. You and me both Sarah! I plan to put my tree up this weekend too. Not to mention I'm in the midst of hand making all the ornaments! I should have started mid November. By the time I get everything all up and decorated it will be time to take it all down. Ugh...

  2. We`re classy like that, too. Sometimes I wonder about us...still thinking of my one side re-done front garden, other side...perennial jungle. So glad we`ve had snowstorms to cover it up.

    I love the short-needle Balsams and Frasers...especially when they have a nice vintage shape to them. Last year we drove EVERYWHERE around the big city looking for the perfect tree (basically, exactly the same tree we had the year before), and finally paid top dollar for a unique variety with a pretty shape. This year time is tight, and we crept across town in a snowstorm, thankfully finding a great tree at our first stop! Of course, after we had them trim the stump, I noticed an even more perfect (e.g., more like the ideal tree from two years ago) one hanging nearby. But ours is lovely, so I am content.

    Hope you find a chance to get those decorations up soon to enjoy them!

  3. You go girl!!!!

    P.s. I have Lion Mitts :)

  4. Love the mitts!!!! Sorry about your tree. I can relate, I chucked our old fake one out last year and it sat on the side of the driveway until the spring!! Pretty!! :) Can't wait to see more of that pretty wreath!!

  5. um hi, how cute are you? i love those mittens! i would rock them out, too! lately i have been getting the memo that says... "wear only neutrals". literally today it's gray leggings, brown shirt and tan sweater, brown boots, and my scarf is brown, black, gray and cream stripes. and that has been my theme for the last couple weeks. i need some color!

  6. OMG I'm reading your blog & cracking up! You are so funny! LOL Your blog is cute too! Blog, house, whatever. ;o) Donkey mitts? LOL :)


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