Top Ten Projects From 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ummmmmm, I really should change the title to "Top Ten Posts From Half of 2010." This 'lil here blog is only six months old. It's my baby. It was just this past summer when I discovered all of you lovelies and decided to join in the fun.

I'm going to share my most popular posts as well as a few of my personal favourites. I apologize in advance if you've seen all of these projects a trillion times already. I have this habit of blasting them all over the internet at every single link party that exists.

New Years Resolution #257: Stop crashing ten thousand link parties. No-one wants to see your projects that badly.

Post #1: Teeny Tiny Powder Room Reno {Link here}

Our little half bath got a makeover from top to bottom. Al and I did all the work ourselves. It's the only room in the whole house that is completely finished. I bought three different mirrors before finding the perfect one. It was worth it. 

Post #2: Ugly Pine Side Table Makeover {Link here}

Out of boredom one day I decided to try painting our ugly pine side table. I tried my hand at making a stencil, too. It turned out pretty cute. Buh bye, pine.

Post #3: Green on Green Stripes for Roary's Friend's Bedroom {Link here}

This is one of the first home projects I ever posted. Those stripes took for-e-v-e-r. I loved them then and still love them now. They are in our little Ethiopian baby's room which is pretty much empty except for a matching striped zebra. Come on referral!!!!   

Post #4: DIY Butterfly Collage Wall Art {Link here}

This post is one that still gets so many visits! I borrowed and tweaked the idea from a few other bloggers so I can't take too much credit for this one. 

Post #5: Burlap Stocking Tutorial {Link here and here}

Not saying anything more about these. I don't want you giving me dagger eyes through your computer screen.

Post #6: Homemade Holiday Gift Tags and Wrapping {Link here and here}

Not saying anything more about these, either. Please no dagger eyes, pleeeeeease.

Post #7: Fall Wreath Tutorial {Link here}

This was the first wreath I ever made. In hindsight I wish I used some white. Everything's gotta have white, right???

Post #8: Tie-Up Shade Tutorial {Link here}

This was my attempt to create a Pottery Barn knock-off tie-up shade. I wrote a tutorial. I swore I'd never do another tutorial after that one.

Post #9: Cubby Shelf Makeover {Link here}

We added beadboard to the back of this cubby shelf and gave it some fresh paint and tiny numbers. We still don't have it up anywhere yet. Add that to the list.

Post #10: The Longest Windowbox Ever {Link here}

Alex made this giant windowbox for me for my birthday. It's at the front of the house and it's huge - twelve feet long to be exact! Don't even ask how many annuals I need to buy every spring to fill it up. Ouch. But so worth it.

So, that's a little summary of what I've been working on for the last few months. I really hope I didn't just bore you to death with my slew of old photos. I promise that I'll have some new projects and ramblings for 2011. And maybe, just maybe, you'll stick around to read about those, too. I hope so!! :)

P.S. I had to use some smaller photos since the quality was really poor. Sorry 'bout that.

P.S.S. I put this post together just so I could participate in Rhoda's top projects of 2010 post. I was feeling left out. But not anymore............ weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. I liked every one of your top 10 posts and didn't mind seeing them again. I love love that sheer white dotted ribbon with the jute tied on the brown kraft paper package. Your blog is great!

  2. Here's to a new year full of wonderful project potential AND fruition!

  3. I can remember when I first came across you blog. It was the window box post that reeled me in! You amaze me more and more with your creativity. Best wishes to you and your family in 2011! I'm crossing my fingers for you hoping you get your referral. I bet you'd make an awesome Mom! xo

  4. your stockings are definitely a fave of mine! i emailed the post to my mom and we are going to make some this winter for next christmas! :)

  5. I've been in my house for almost 10 years and it is pretty much decorated floor to ceiling throughout (except for 1 bedroom, sigh)...and I've loved decorating it. BUT seeing what you've done with your house makes me want to start ALL over again, ha ha. My husband would want to shoot me b/c he doesn't see why we even evolved from the painter's beige that was on the walls when we moved in. Your house is beautiful and you have amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Great projects! Got a laugh about your resolution not to crash all the linky parties- confession time- I did too!

  7. Can't believe your blog has only been up and running 6 is seriously great! Gotta let me in on your secrets! Would love to generate some more traffic to my site!

  8. WOW Lady!!! You did some great projects last year. And please don't apologize for any of them, they are all great!!! The reason you have so much traffic coming your way is because your have put your blog out there for people to see, those parties are the best way to do it. I say keep going to all of the parties! You have a very sweet blog, but remember that making connections with other bloggers and getting to know them is important too, by visiting them back. That's my 2 cent worth anyway.
    I love what you have done so far in your breakfast room, It is looking really beautiful. Can you tell me where you bought your roller shades? They are so pretty and I am looking for some for our bedrm. And, seeing as how you are a Canadian there's a good chance you shop at the same places that I do.
    Happy New Years and all the best to you and your loved ones!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. I am so glad that I found your burlap stockings and your blog!! My parents loved the ones I made and I can't wait to make more for next year. I enjoy your sense of humor on here and makes me come back again and again to visit *stalk* you.

    Have a great 2011!!

    xo Brie <3

  10. Amazing! I just love love love your blog. Look for a feature this month, girly. I'm picking my top ten new favorite bloggers, and you're on my list :)

  11. I just came across your blog and am so happy to now be one of your newest followers. I'm loving what I've seen so far!

  12. Great projects! Got a laugh about your resolution not to crash all the linky parties- confession time- I did too!


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