My First (Purchased) Fall Wreath

Friday, September 10, 2010

I am so excited about the new wreath that I just made bought from Homesense. Can you believe that before today I didn't own a single fall decoration?!?! I have some spooky Halloween decorations but no cozy-fall-type-stuff.

My excuse? Back-to-work craziness. Every late summer/fall since we've owned our house has been all-consumed by back-to-school frenzy. By the time I'm settled into a routine the fall decor has all been sold and the stores are overflowing with Christmas stuff. Slow down, people, slow down!!!

I made a real effort to stop in at Homesense after work yesterday. Oh my goodness I forgot that shopping can cure all of your woes. For a little while, anyway.

I'm not usually a fan of faux greenery but I went down the wreath aisle anyway. I'm so glad I did because I came home with the cutest wreath ever. It's also my very first fall decor item. (The first but not the last, muh ha ha ha!) AND, it was only $14.99.

Now that the front door is taken care of, I think I'm going to bring a stash of coupons to Michaels tonight to see if I can find the supplies to make my own wreath for the side door. It will be my first one. I'm excited! If it's ugly I can always put it on the back door where no-one will see it. ;)

Hello, adorable metal bow!

Lovin' the tangerine colour of the berries (instead of bright orange).

Have you started decorating for fall yet??? I feel like I'm behind!


  1. Wow, awesome find! What a great price, too. The metal bow grabbed my attention right away. Wonder if any of the HomeSenses in my area have one...hmm...I am definitely thinking fall decorating right now. Usually, I am loathe to decorate too early, wanting to hang on to summer as long as possible, but the weather is right, and I have the itch. Actually hoped to do some this week, but need to get things in better shape around here before lugging out more stuff...I do have a fall collection, which often ends up having to share space with some of my "classy" Halloween stuff which I put up early to enjoy as long as possible...

  2. I haven't started yet. So, I'm more behind then you. I love the wreath. Great colors. I have to dig out my boxes so I don't repeat buy stuff I might already have. I'm pretty good at doing that. A Lot.

  3. Its so cute! Lovin that metal bow!


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