Breakfast Room Progress

Monday, September 13, 2010

Unrelated Note: Thank you so much to those who left comments for me about the fall wreath that I made on the weekend. Your comments are so motivating! I still really like the wreath but ended up taking it down (for now). The wreath looked all good for my little front-door photoshoot in my pajamas but when I got finally got dressed at 7:00 p.m. and took a look from the street I noticed that it totally clashed/clashes with the hot pink flowers that are still blooming in my giant windowbox. I even thought about pulling out those darn pink flowers. Now I feel kinda silly that I was in such a rush to decorate for fall. I think I still have time.... :)

In other news, we finally made some headway in the breakfast room. Here's what we got done this weekend:

- sanded all patches (soooo dusty)
- washed everything with tsp (so long dust)
- primed all patches
- primed ceiling (um, sore neck much?)
- installed trim on baseboards (Alex let me use the nailgun, buuuuut only for one nail 'cause I did it wrong)
- installed trim around new door (looks soooo much better with no insulation showing!)
- fixed busted baseboard (way to go MacGyver aka Alex)
- caulked all new trim (must-do with old, crooked walls)
- painted 2 coats of wall colour (best part! hello green!)
- installed new closet door (goodbye hideous louvered bifold door, I've been cursing you)

Random Funny Little Story:

One day while Alex was in the electrical aisle (yawn) at Lowe's, I wandered into the paint section to browse the colours. I found a pretty colour called "Seagrass" by Para Paints which is from Sarah Richardson's colour collection. I thought it was very pretty, and I knew I wanted green, so I took the swatch home. Correction: I took 5-6 large paint chips to tape on the walls like a big swatch. Don't tell the paint people!!! I also took a few other paint colour samples to compare. After a few days I narrowed the colours down to two: Seagrass and Splurge (both by Para). I secretly wanted to choose Seagrass 'cause I liked the name better but decided on Splurge because the colour "looked softer" in my oh-so-professional opinion. So the other day I was looking at the paint chips again, because what else would I be doing on a hopping Friday night, when I noticed that the code/numbers for both paint colours were the same. Hmmm, strange. So yesterday I asked the lady at Lowe's why they had the same number and well, wouldn't you know, that they are the SAME COLOUR. Sarah Richardson just took a few Para Paint colours that she liked, renamed them, and stuck them in her collection. So all of that nerve-wracking decision making was for naught. I was trying to choose between the same colour. Please stop laughing at me now. In my defense, one swatch was big and one was little so they really did look sorta different.
So now comes the b-o-r-i-n-g part of painting the window trim, door trim, and baseboards white. Oh yeah, and the ceiling. I don't really like doing things in the order that's recommended. I'm also trying to sweet-talk Alex into putting up some crown moulding that matches the powder room. They are side-by-side after all so it makes sense that they would have matching mouldings, right?

Don't worry, the new closet door will be getting the white treatment.

Now, I need your opinion. Do you think I can turn one 12x9 room into a mudroom/breakfast room/mini office?


  1. if anyone can turn a small space into that multi-function room, it's you. yes!
    love the color seagrass splurge whateveryacallit.
    and come on sara richardson- at least come up with your own colors!

  2. oooo, we have those lovely little louvered doors in our house too- the playroom, and as the doors to the master bath. Gag. They're staying for now though. Total door envy over here. :)

  3. That's hilarious! It's all in our minds. We are programs to have choices that drive us nuts. It shall be called Splurgrass!

    And yes, I think you can have that all in one room. You are creative!

  4. Ok I love the paint colour story. That is so totally something I would do. Love the new door too.

  5. hahaha! I love that story! I'm enjoying reading your blog because you share your mishaps. None of us are perfect even if we pretend to be!


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