I Like Pale and I Like Interesting

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So one day when I was procrastinating doing anything productive surfing the net, I came upon this adorable little shop called Pale and Interesting. What a sweet name for a shop! I had never heard of it before so of course I clickety-clicked my way over to check it out. I do seem to like things that are pale. Interesting doesn't hurt either. My heart sank a bit when I saw that they were located overseas. Window shopping it would be for me, then.

Here are a few of my favourite items from their site. Only because I will never be able to shop there. I can justify shipping costs from many places, but not from overseas. Yet. (Oops, I wasn't supposed to write that.)

All photos courtesy of Pale and Interesting.

Ahhhh, eye candy.


  1. Wow they have really cute stuff! I guess we will have to recreat it!


  2. That is some amazing eye candy!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing... I, too, am disappointed that they're not U.S. based. Oh well...nice to browse just the same!

  4. Very pretty. Too bad about the overseas shipping (although if you like Birkenstocks, it's totally worth ordering from www.baumhouse.com in Germany - saved lots of $$ overall...but I'm guessing that's not quite as exciting as Pale and Interesting).


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