Vintage Ceiling Tile Mirror

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are you sick of hearing about our powder room yet? No?!?! Perfect. Then this is the post for you.

'Member when I had such a hard time finding a mirror to fit in our powder room? I've whined about it quite a few times. 'Member when I drove to Simply Cottage in Bracebridge and found a vintage ceiling tile mirror that I wanted oh so badly? I complained about the hefty price tag here.

Well, when Alex and I stopped in there yesterday on our little road trip, I just had to show him the mirror. Of course I had the pouty lip goin' on. I think the store owner remembered me (and felt sorry for me) because she marked down the mirror by 50 bucks! It was still pretty darn expensive for a tiny mirror but this time I knew it was "the one".

This would be, oh, the fourth mirror we've purchased for the space. The first one was too modern-looking, the second one was too washed out-looking, the third one was too cheap-looking and the last one was/is........

.......perfect. Dreamy, actually. I love how it ties in some of the colours in the flooring. I love how it's got hints of green that tie in with the wallcolour. I love the chippy texture. I think I just love it in general.

So how many changes to the powder room have I made since our "big reveal" a few weeks ago? Um, four. I installed a brushed nickel curtain rod, added a white tie-up shade window treatment, swapped the cheap mirror with a vintage mirror, and switched a potted ivy for my tiny ceramic drawer. Alex says I'm not allowed to do anything else to the bathroom. I said okay. For now. :)


  1. Oh oh oh! I love this. I can't seem to find a mirror the our bath either. This would be perfect, I just need it a little bit taller. I am just not going to rush it. Our new bath is going to be pretty small too so I want what goes in there to be right. I want something rustic. I was going to make one like Trixie@ did but I don't have time right now. It's pretty cool, you should go look if you haven't ever seen it.

  2. It's gorgeous! I saw one very similar to it at crate and barrel a few weeks ago, and stood there swooning over it for quite a while :]

  3. I love any vintage tile project! Gorgeous!

    Just found your blog, very nice!


  4. it is utterly PERFECT. i love how it adds such a vintage and textural element with its chippy paint. i love it!!!

  5. Hi I loved reading your blog and seeing all the things you've done. Good for you on making a button that sends people to you. What the button is for is when you are having a blog contest or tutorial or anything fun you ask people to grab that button and put it on there blog so it will send people to your contest. Its better than just typing in your url for them to go to. Lots of people are doing it this way now.
    I have clicked on you to follow you and wanted to hear you yell out another follower. I feel the same way so I had to laugh out loud on that one. lol
    Have a wonderful day and I will be back really soon. Kath' at

  6. Oh I forgot your tutorial is going to be just fine. I can't wait to read all about it and give it a try. Kath'

  7. I love the 'shabby chic look'
    it adds individuality to things.
    Your powder room looks a delight.

  8. I am so in love with this bathroom that I'm saving your photos as inspiration! :o)


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