An Antique Trunk

Monday, August 9, 2010

This antique trunk was our very first old-thing antique purchase. Prior to this trunk, I had purchased new items that looked old or antique but never had the nerve to actually go out and buy the real thing.

Truthfully, I was afraid that a real antique would be stinky and full of bugs. (I have a bit of a bug phobia.)

A few years ago on one of our little road trips, Alex and I stopped in a little town to shop. While this town is usually bustling in the summertime, at that time of year, March, it was more like a ghost town.

Alex and I saw this trunk in an Antiques shop and after several nervous whispers, decided to buy it. We plopped it in the backseat of our then-car and drove home with smiles. We did it!

Right now it's in our living room being used as a small coffee table. The great part about it is that it's so dinged and dented already that I didn't freak out when my inlaws' dog scratched the whole front of it in a play fight with Roary.

It's also the perfect spot to store all of our board games and cards. Secret: I love board games but no-one ever wants to play them with me. Boo hoo!

See? Lots of dings, dents, and holes.

Well-worn hardware.

Old leather strap to hold the lid open.

Little compartment to hold my Cribbage board that I got for Christmas. :)

And of course an old trunk looks perfect with a tiny pitcher full of hydrangeas on top.


  1. I love the wonderful patina it has. And hydrangeas make everything look more beautiful!

  2. I love games too - the best way to spend a cold winter evening is with a game, a glass of wine, some music and a good friend. I hope my kids like it too (except the wine part!)

    The truck is awesome too!

  3. Me too! Board games are so fun! If we lived closer we could have a game night!


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