Breakfast Room Gets Destroyed

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Right now we have too many two projects on the go: the deck and the breakfast room. The breakfast room leads out onto the deck so it's kinda fitting that we're working on both at the same time. Or we just really like having tools strewn around the whole house and a combination of drywall dust and sawdust on everything we own.

Actually, it was my idea to start working on the breakfast room (solo) while Alex worked on the deck. That way we could get two projects done at the same time. Brilliant, right?

Um, not really. I kind of forgot that Alex needs to do a lot of work on my project like changing the electrical outlets, installing trim, cutting baseboards, patching the cracks in the ceilings, etc. Whoops.

So today we worked on the room together. But please explain to me how "working on a room" seems to mean destroying the heck out of it?!?

In case you don't believe me, here are some pictures to prove it:

Alex scrapes plaster where the walls have cracked. I try out paint colours.

Alex chops a hole in the side of the house with a scary chainsaw to make room for this door. I go out.

Alex gets paint chips in his eyes from scraping the ceiling. I debate whether or not to spraypaint the old light fixture.

Alex patches all of the cracks. I sweep.

Man, oh man. My project is hard work!


  1. LOL. I hope he's a good sport about it! :)

  2. Alex is my reno hero...
    Can I borrow him? I need a new deck, my bathroom celing needs repairing, my basement hall stairwell needs painting...the list goes on.

    Why don't you guys come on a 'working holiday' to BC?? LOL!!!!

  3. Still not more week today!


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