Laminate Flooring Samples for the Basement

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

After much deliberation (budget, practicality, etc.) we chose laminate flooring for the basement. I started writing this big, elaborate post on the pros and cons for different types of flooring in our basement. Then, a paragraph in, I got bored.
Let's just get to the pictures, shall we?
Here were the top three contenders.
Clockwise from Left:
Largo Quickstep - Cambridge Oak
Richmond Laminate - Sapphire Mist
Quick-Step Reclaime - Mocha Oak
We finally decided on the Reclaime laminate in the Mocha Oak finish. It's a warm, soft brown color and has lots of texture. I'm still nervous about the decision because if I'm being completely honest I'm not really a big fan of laminate.

It was only after we placed our order that Alex found a picture of the same flooring installed in someone's kitchen. I was nervous to see it - crossing my fingers that I would like how it looked.
Phew! Looks pretty good.
The cement floors in our basement are so uneven that Alex has quite a bit of leveling to do before he can even think about installing the floors. But, at least we made a decision. 
P.S. I was trying to avoid writing a really long, boring post but I ended up writing a short, boring one instead.
I'll make it up to you?


  1. Give yourself a break... it wasn't boring. I totally agree, and generally dislike laminate, but love your choice! Can't wait to see it in place.

  2. We have the laminate floors as well and love them. Friends of ours have a home on a slab,no basement, and they were told they needed vinyl floors.........they look the same though. I think it is because of moisture. I do know that the laminate will get damaged by water if it's not taken care of quickly. The laminate is great when you have pets. We love ours.

  3. I decided I preferred the Reclaime before reading on and discovering that you had chosen that one - I'm sure it will be lovely (and in a basement, I can get on board with laminate) :)

  4. I feel your pain!! My husband and I have been going back and forth over what kind of flooring to put in our basement too.... feels like this is theeeee biggest decision of our lives! He's even having nightmares about it where the whole basement floods, circuits blow, fires start and then we both cry over the brand-new, uber-expensive-and-now-trashed hardwood floor (that he wants and I'm fighting). Really really liking your laminate choice... might have to pitch that one to him! Thanks for this post!!

  5. That made me laugh! Not boring at all!

  6. Love your choice. That one instantly jumped off the page as the nicest, most 'real' looking one. Looking forward to seeing before and after pics of the floor.

  7. I absolutely love it, Sarah!!!! Definitely the one that I would have chosen, too! I have Home Depot's "Allure" laminate flooring in my entryway and am just thrilled with it! No one can believe that it's laminate. It wears like iron and is a dream to clean! You're going to be happy you went with it - I guarantee it! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. I would have voted the same -- it'll look great!! I'm glad you found a picture of the flooring in someone else's kitchen..."real" photos are always so much more reassuring than ones on company websites!

  9. I would do some research before you put laminate in your basement. Generally, you aren't supposed to put wood (any kind) on slab because water can cause it to warp. I know there is the option to put a vapor barrier down before to allow moisture to move freely underneath without touching the wood. Even if you have a very dry basement, concrete is porous and moisture easily goes through it.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Jenn. I'll pass it along to the hubs. :)

    2. It's SO hard finding durable flooring for cozy basement spaces. My friend used vinyl plank flooring and it looks really good, but it wound up costing waay more than laminate to find any samples that would look realistic (or at least, not completely fake). I'm not knocking vinyl at all or laminate, but when you have an idea of how you'd like something to look, sometimes it's hard to compromise for function's sake. Good luck!

  10. Laminate has come a long way baby! Very pretty!

  11. This blog has become seriously lame. You hardly ever post and when you do, it's all a bunch of jibberish about the things you want, nothing about what you've actually done. Unfollowing.


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