A Trip to Crate and Barrel in the Big T.O.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Alex, Coops, and I took a last-minute trip down to Toronto last week for the March Break. We had no real plans other than to swim in the hotel pool and to shop around a bit. Aren't those mini-holidays the best?!?
We braved a trip to Crate and Barrel with a fast and curious toddler. He flirted with all of the salesladies by showing them his "baba" (baby), taking his shoes off multiple times so that he could climb (and pretend to sleep on) the display beds, and watering all of the faux flowers in the store with a watering can from the garden display. 
I fell in love with this mirror that was in their front window display. The online photo just doesn't do it justice. The colour in real life is much more of a rich, chocolate-y brown. I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting it while I was there and Alex was distracted by the baby who almost knocked down a whole display of wine glasses on glass dividers. We still have so many blank walls in our home that it could have fit in just about anywhere. Oh well.... maybe next time. :)

Frisco Mirror - Crate and Barrel

I did, however, manage to score a tiny metal grasshopper. It's pretty adorable. And it reminds me of spring which I am pretty sure is never, ever, ever going to arrive.

Cute Grasshopper - Crate and Barrel

And because I was supposed to be doing some planning for back-to-work last night I decided that it was the perfect time to learn how to add some textures in Photoshop. (I really am a professional procrastinator.)
This was my first try! It's just a picture of Coops' super long eyelashes. Now it's a scratched picture of Coops' super long eyelashes. ;) 

What have you been up to lately? Learn anything in Photoshop? Buy anything from Crate and Barrel? Come on, tell me. I'm procrastinating again, can't you tell?


  1. I think Cooper would love to surprise you with that great mirror for Mothers Day! Hint hint Alex! Cooper does have really long eye lashes. Why do all boys get the great lashes. Its just not fair.

    1. I'm copying and pasting your comment into a text and sending it to Alex ASAP. LOL.



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