My Antique Finds From Florida & A Cute Pic

Friday, May 24, 2013

Remember when we took that trip to Florida and almost froze to death because all we packed were shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops and it was super cold? Oh yeah. That was fun.
Well I managed to sneak a few little trinkets home after a day of browsing around old, smelly antique shops.
I bought this little scoop because a) it's adorable, b) we love coffee, and c) I've never seen another one like it. Plus, it matches my little collection of pie plates.

I scooped up this old, slate chalkboard so that I can leave myself reminders to you know, take the clothes out of the washing machine instead of leaving them in there for days on end until they get gross and smelly so that I have to rewash them two more times. Um, yeah. That really happens. I also thought the chalkboard would be a fun little prop to use in some photo shoots.

I found these three heart cookie cutters and had to add them to my little collection. Heart cookie cutters are very useful. Useful for looking cute, that is.

So yeah. That's what I brought back from the trip. I'm sure it's obvious that I didn't get to bring home a nice, golden tan. ;)

Speaking of rotten weather, we had another frost warning last night. For realz!?!? It's almost June!

In other news, my shelf in the breakfast room is looking pretty with some flowers from our crabapple tree.

And that's it for today. Coops and I are off to Home Depot to pick up a quart of primer. Yes, that means I'll actually be attempting a project this weekend. Yippee!!!
P.S. My little Coopster actually played by himself (without getting into mischief) for fifteen minutes while I typed up this post. Thanks buddy! And keep looking this cute while you sleep, m'kay?


  1. Jealous, completely jealous! Love everything. I'm collecting some old kitchen utensils and cookie cutters to use as art once our kitchen remodel is over. I'm absolutely smitten with those little hearts!

    1. Oooh that sounds fun. I always thought a collection of vintage kitchen beaters would be really cute. Or rolling pins.

      I can't wait to see your collection once it's ready!


  2. Nothing better than treasure hunting! You have a crabapple tree? Crabapple jelly is delicious. Just saying'.

    1. One of these days I'd love to try making some! Do you have a good recipe for meeeeeeee???


  3. Aw what a cute little sleeper he is :-)

    1. Thanks Janice!!

      I haven't checked out your video yet but I'm off to check it right now. I want to see if the squealing is worse than the whiny cry.


  4. What great finds! I actually have a heart shaped cookie cutter that looks about the same size as yours. My grandpa made it out of tin for my grandma. He made her a heart and a bunny shape. Every Easter and Valentines we would get her home made jam jam cookies in the mail cut from these cookie cutters. I now have the heart shaped on sitting on a shelf in my kitchen...enjoy your wonderful finds and that sweet little boy of yours!! Take care!

  5. Cute finds and love the crab apple breaches. Happy Weekend.


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