Fabric Swatch Set #1 Is Here

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Okay, so these swatches have been here for over a month. Maybe two. I've been meaning to take some pictures to show you but my dear husband sat on them and got them all wrinkly. I'll stick with that excuse for now. ;)

The swatch on the bottom right was out of stock and so I chose a different one.

I was realllllllly excited and secretly hoping that I would fall in love with a combination of three or four of these and boom! I could throw them onto some cushions in my living room and all would be swell.
While I like all of them individually, I don't love them in combination with one another and with my bluish-grey living room curtains.
Here are the swatches side by side against the white couch:

Fabric swatches from Fabric.com

And here they are individually in order from my most to least favourite:

Magnolia Home Fashions Oxford Stripe Pasture Green

Premier Prints Jenn Porcelain Blue/Natural

Premier Prints Twill Traditions Storm Grey

Premier Prints Ikat Dots Dossett Grapevine/Grey

Duralee Birdcage Smoke

Premier Prints Twill Suzani Storm Grey

I think I'm going to get those green stripes for sure. As for the others, we'll see.  If I'm picky, I might as well be really picky, right?
To be continued..... heh heh heh. :)


  1. I am a true lover of greys! Hahaha. Quick q - when you order from fabric.com does it take forever & a day to arrive?

    1. I've ordered swatches twice so far. It took about two weeks each time which seems like forever while I'm waiting!

      BUT, I did order actual fabric yardage once and I had it in less than a week.

      So, I'm not really sure what the average shipping time to Ontario is. Sorry I don't have a clear answer for you!


    2. So crazy - a friend of mine ordered fabric yardage and it took over three weeks to arrive (we're in Milton, ON) and then the order was even wrong! Ugh. Just curious what other people's experiences were :)


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