Nursery Source List - Part One

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oooooh weeeee I was able to get a few hours of sleep last night (in a row!) so I think I'll be able to put together a coherent post today. :)

First I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to leave a comment about Little Ninja's nursery. I even had some long time readers leave their very first comment! Let me tell you it sure made this girl feel good. Even though you're going to think I'm a super-dork I'll let you in on a little secret. While I've sat and fed Little Man I've gone back a bunch of times to reread all of the super sweet comments. Dorky part coming up: the crazy hormones got me all teary every time I went back and read them.

{Those of you who said I should do the decorating thing for a living - I copied your comments and put them on the fridge for Alex so he'll think it's a good idea if I never go back to work. Muhahaha!}{Just kidding I didn't do that.}{But I want to.}

Annnnnnd, moving on..... ;)

I thought I would do a few posts sharing where I found all of the elements in the nursery. If you have any questions or I missed something please ask in the comments, k?

So, we'll start with the cozy corner.

The rug is probably one of my favourite things in the room. It fits perfectly in the centre of the room and adds so much texture and warmth. I ordered it from Pottery Barn. It's the 6' Round Jute Rug in Natural.

The chair is from Ikea. It's small enough to fit in the tiny room but not too small to fit me and the little guy for a late night feeding. It's the Extorp Jennylund armchair in white.

The floor lamp was one of those awesome Homesense finds. I found that the shape of the shade was kind of industrial looking and would fit well in a boy's room. 

The two pillows I made. The pillow forms were from Fabricland. I cut up a Debbie Travis shower curtain from Canadian Tire for the striped fabric and the white linen fabric was from a Pier One curtain panel that I shrunk by accident. I wrote a post about how I made the small car cushion here.

On the windows are some bamboo roller shades from Linens N' Things that we installed a few years ago. I added only one curtain panel per window. I found the sheerest white linen panels that I could find from Crate and Barrel. I'll admit that they were way expensive to buy and ship here but I knew they would be a good investment as I can use them in any other room if I want to switch them out down the road. The pewter curtain rod is from Lowe's and made by Allen and Roth. I actually only used one big rod since I only needed the two finials showing. (The plain rod goes right up to each wall and is covered by each curtain.) Alex did need to cut the metal rods to the length we needed though.

Don't you just love these star map garlands from Maisy and Alice on Etsy? At first I ordered one to string horizontally on the wall over the crib but it looked so cute hanging vertically from one of the curtain rods that I went back and ordered a second one so I could hang a garland in front of each window.

I'll have to leave the rest of the room details to a few separate future posts since I typed this whole thing with only one hand (baby in the other arm). (I'm trying to multi-task.)


Check on back over the next few days if you'd like read more about the nursery.

P.S. I like you.

P.S.S. I slept on my stomach last night (even despite the creepy, jiggly Buddha belly that I've got goin' on) and it was AWESOME!


  1. I love your curtain rob install. My windows in my bedroom are very similar where they are close to the wall. This is a great idea.

  2. Glad to hear it's all going well...isn't it great to sleep on one's stomach after what seems like years on your back or side!! My children are grown up but I've loved your nursery posts. Take care. Sharon x

  3. Hi! So glad you got a few hours of sleep!!! Man, I hated sleeping on my side the whole time I was pregnant...returning to tummy sleeping is awesome!! And you're already multitasking holding him and typing - you got the hang of it!! Don't worry too much about us/blogging, make sure you rest and spend as much time with him as you can:)

    So glad you got the recognition you deserve for his nursery, it is truly outstanding! Thanks for the star garland source on etsy.

    I want you to know that I am now the proud new owner of a blogmilk template:) Just bought it a couple of hours ago!!! I've been back and forth with Ana, she is really nice and helpful. I got one of the new ones...Limoncello. (But I'm going to change the yellow to some kind of green or blue.) Uhm, its pretty much a lot like yours (don't hate me?!..what can I say, you have good taste!) but slightly different background, fonts, etc. I can't wait to get it up!!!! (Which might not be for a bit. I'll try this weekend and see what happens.) Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction, I really appreciate it.

    Hope tonight goes well for you and Cooper!!

  4. He is sooo cute! and yes, i agree, you should be a designer! I have always wanted to be one, but I'm not nearly as creative as you...:-)

    Congrats, Mama!!!!

  5. I am one of the old readers who have been following you for so long and never left a comment. You are amazing, I'd love to have you in my home for some days to decorate it =), I really really love your work! And the nursery...well, it's awesome!

  6. You are very talented!! L.O.V.E. the nursery!!!

  7. Congratulations! I started following you a month ago and just adore you! Sleeping on your belly after baby is the BEST!!!! Ha ha!

  8. Gorgeous! I love the numbers on the dresser... I don't remember seeing that on your previous pics of the nursery and I think it looks great! Sigh, I remember sleeping on my tummy for the first time after having my babies... so sweet!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! & I love that map garland (1st time here & I will be subscribing) :D

  10. Just found you through a blog from a blog from another blog found in a totally random search! Ya know, blog surfing, where you start looking for one thing and end up in a dreamy blog like yours totally off track of your original agenda! I love your nursery! So crisp and clean and minimal yet full of goodies! I would change my nursery in a heartbeat to this if I did not have chair rail and wallpaper that's only three years old. My 12 week old (1 week corrected) preemie is still in his bassinet in our room because, well one because he's still a 7 pound preemie, but two because his almost three year old brother is still in the crib in the nursery! I'm still in progress of emptying out our office for the big boy room (delivering 11 weeks early [he's fine, small but great! No setbacks] kind of slowed down the progress of the room change). But now I can use your nursery as inspiration for my son's big boy room! And some minor updates to my mini man's nursery. ;o) one of my favorite details is the star map garland. I'm going to try to make it myself using my late father's old maps. That way I get to see them every day instead of once every few years when I go in the bin of keep but don't know what to do with things. Love the framed art too. And the stenciled wall is awesome. My son wanted a blue room but I may have to convince him to like your old prairie color! I'm rambling for a first time comment it let me add that your new little baby boy is adorable! Bless him and enjoy every minute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. what color did you use in the nursery? I thought simply white but looks different. did you change it?

    1. Hello! The photos in the post above are when the room was used as my son's nursery. The paint color was Old Prairie by Benjamin Moore. I recently repainted all the walls with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. My daughter took over the nursery and I am aiming for a different vibe. I hope that answers your question! :)


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