The Coopster - One Month

Friday, May 25, 2012

Technically I'm allowed to do a whole post on The Coopster. You see, the title of this blog is Cozy.Cottage.Cute. and he definitely falls under the "cute" category. If-you-know-what-I'm-sayin'.

I just can't believe that he is one month old already. In one month he has totally mastered the arts of:

a) snuggling
b) guzzling milk
c) mesmerizing everyone (especially his mama) with his cuteness

My last post mentioned that we were in no way settling into a routine. It's amazing what a week can do! The little hungry hippo can now make it a few hours between milkshakes. He's sleeping for longer stretches at night, and everything just seems to be getting a bit easier. You'd be so proud of me - I actually got some ribs in the slowcooker yesterday morning. This is an incredible feat since I've been living on Corn Pops for the last month. (What can I say? I had a craving for sugary cereal.)

Right now Cooper's list of favourite things to do include:

- taking snoozes on mom's belly (it's very cushy still) in the early mornings and late afternoons
- gazing out the living room window at the crabapple tree / sky / sun / birds
- dancing around the house to Bob Marley, John Mayer, and Joshua Radin
- watching late-night basketball with his dad
- zooming around the neighbourhood in his stroller
- hanging with mom in the moby wrap and hanging with dad in the baby bjorn
- drinking milk, drinking milk, drinking milk, drinking more milk (man, that stuff must taste good or something)

His current dislikes include:

- any form of getting clean which includes getting baby wiped during diaper changes, getting his face washed with a washcloth, and bathtime (such a boy!)
- mad kisses from Lexie on his face (we try to avoid those, but that dog is sneaky)

His current talents include:

- charming everyone he meets
- making ten thousand different facial expressions (our favourites are the stink eye, the one-eyed pirate, curious joe, and the goofy grin)
- lifting his head up during tummy time


Well, that's about it from my end. Our goal for today is to take a little road trip to the greenhouse to choose some flowers for the windowbox. Hopefully I can get it all planted up by the end of the weekend.

P.S. I love being a stay-at-home mom. It's the greatest. :)

P.S.S. I got the idea to write this post from Kelly over at Tearing Up Houses who also has an adorable  newborn baby boy. Maybe they can be blog friends one day. ;)                                       


  1. How blessed you are, he is adorable and so alert! Good luck with your windowboxes I know they will be beautiful!

  2. Sarah,
    He is just the CUTEST!!!


  3. awww. he certainly is cute with those beautiful brown eyes.

  4. i love his eyes!

    and they should totally be blog friends... they're both out of control milk drunks!

  5. I swear I have THAT same wide eyed pic of my little man. I will have to email it to you sometime. Anyways, I am SO glad things are getting easier and I am SO diggin' the Cooperster, he is absolutely adorable.

    PS- looooove me some Joshua Radin... I knew we were meant to buddies ;)

    1. I just realized I said "Cooperster" HAHAHA!!! You know what I mean right???

  6. He's beautiful, Sarah! So happy for you.

  7. He sure is a cutie :)

  8. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    Oh my he is adorable! Reminds me of my sweet grandsons when they were that age. Time does fly so let the chores wait, there will be plenty of time for that later. Blessings to your sweet cherub! Sheila S.

  9. OH MY GOODNESS, write a post about that little man anytime you want! He is so sweet and being a stay-at-home momma is pretty great. My advise, once you start going insane (it will, find you guys a playgroup! Those are super fun : )

    Helen @

  10. Oh my, absolutely cute to no end!

  11. AnonymousMay 26, 2012

    I love your blog...especially posts about The Coopster. Such a sweet babe.

  12. You can write a million posts on Coopster!! He is so cute!
    I hope you don't mind, but I am totally waiting for more pictures of him!

  13. I agree - cute, cute, cute! Wish I could babysit! lol

  14. great photos! I would love it if we followed each other. I'll be following you through GFC!

  15. Sweet post...he is a cutie!

  16. I just found your blog and love it! I also have a boy named Cooper (almost two!), a mopey golden retriever, a handy hubby and a love of photography ... whoah, that's freaky! Congrats on your new addition :)


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