Master Bedroom: Curtains, Curtain Rods, and Knobs

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm so proud of myself that I was able to get these projects done sans Alex. I think he had enough of my panic-stricken pleas to do stuff around the house before we had all of those guests on Sunday. 

The last picture I shared of the master bedroom highlighted a few little things that I wanted to add or change:

1. Darker knobs for the bedside tables
2. A cozy rug
3. A white bedskirt
4. White pillow shams
5. Darker curtain rods
6. White, flowy curtain panels

Here is the room now with my three little updates:

Me so giddy, me so giddy, me so giddy. Oh. Is that bad grammar? Sorry 'bout that.

I found two oil-rubbed bronze knobs at Home Depot and swapped them with the glass knobs lickety split (still gonna use the glass knobs downstairs).

I found two white, cotton / linen curtain panels at Pier One Imports. I only got two panels so that I could put them on the outside of each window to sort of frame the bed and make a focal point when you walk in. I had to get the 96" panels which were waaaaaay too long. I tried washing them in cold water to shrink them a bit and it worked, but not enough. I haven't decided if I'm going to be lazy and try to shrink 'em some more by washing them in warm water or actually make an effort to actually hem them. Either way they need to be a tad bit shorter.

In the original picture, you can see that I already had some brushed nickel hardware over the windows. I wanted to add a bit more contrast so I swapped the old rods out with some new oil-rubbed bronze ones. I went to the same store and bought the same sized rods as the old ones so that I wouldn't have to drill any new holes in the walls. I swapped the screws and brackets when I got home and installed them all by myself.

It's looking better that's for sure.

{Sorry about the pics though. I was trying to get a shot of the curtains 'n stuff without showing all of the contents of my closet (which still has no door). Oh well. One step at a time, right?}

And the hunt continues for a white bedskirt, white pillow shams, and a cute rug.......


  1. Looking great!! Love the changes!

  2. me so happy for you! :) the curtains and rods look so pretty- love the flowiness!

  3. It's like you finally gave your windows the eyeliner they were begging for. Great work!

  4. It's so bright and light and airey (airy?). I wanna sleep in that room! It's looking good....

  5. Love the darker rods- what a difference such a small change can make! The room looks great- I love those white curtains, so whimsical!


  6. What a huge difference such small things can make in a room! Love what you've done so far! Check out They have some great bedskirts for cheap! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Gorgeous!!! I love your additions! The curtains are lovely and I just adore your bedding.

  8. Looks great ... I love gauzy white drapes.

  9. Looking great....I especially like the way you framed the bed with the curtains.

  10. So pretty! I can't believe what a difference a few small touches can make -- especially those curtain rods!

  11. Hi! Just wanted to suggest using iron on hemming tape from Fabricland instead of sewing the hems on your curtains ... so easy and great for a clean look. Not sure if the fact that the curtains are a little see through might be an issue ... but definitely worth looking into. I hem all of our curtains with hemming tape (iron on) and they look so professional. Your room looks great! :)

  12. beautiful! I am working towards a cottage look in our home. Happy to have found new inspiration.



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