Master Bedroom = Blank Slate

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now that we've got our floors done upstairs in the bedrooms, it's time to decorate. {Insert squeals here.}

Our master bedroom is a total blank slate. See?

The only things we have right now that we'll continue to use are:

a) This Noresund bedframe (Ikea) that we bought for our first apartment. We still have it and will be using it until we can find the perfect replacement. 
Image: Ikea

b) White, two-inch wood-look blinds for privacy. We tried some bamboo shades but woooo-weeeeee you can see silouettes through them from the street. And well, I'm a shy kinda girl when I'm getting dressed, ya know? ;)

So there are a few things I'll be looking for over the next few months to cutify the bedroom. Yes, cutify is now a word. I decided.

1) Five-panel doors for the two closets (haven't decided on solid or bi-fold yet since they are so narrow):

2) A blue and green quilt and matching bedding to go with the wall colour:

Image: Pottery Barn

3) Cute lighting for the ceiling. Possibly a schoolhouse light:

Image: Rejuvenation

4) Two tiny end tables for either side of the bed under each window:

Image: Unknown

5) Reading lights for each end table, maybe like this one:


6) A tall, white dresser:

Image: Flik and Company

7) A long, chippy bench for the end of the bed:

Image: Heather Kowalski

Image: Pottery Barn

8) Some white, flow-y curtains:


9) Some architectural salvage of some kind... corbels, shutters, old windows, etc:


10) A gallery wall of interesting wall art and photos:


I can picture it all in my mind but just know it will take forever to materialize. Oh well, that's the fun part right?


  1. Sarah:

    Your floors look amazing...Don't you love that feeling of new floors, it makes such a difference in a room....I had new floors installed in my master bedroom a couple of years...However we sold that home and now moving soon to a new home with hardwood floors downstairs only...So I will probably install hardwood flooring again in the upstairs!

    Your ideas for decor are beautiful! Can't wait to see the end result....I am looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. My husband and I have a blank slate in our master bedroom too! I can't wait to decorate!

    Your wood floors turned out beautifully! I love it!

  3. floors did turn out fantastic....and your idea's sound yummy gl!!

  4. Your room has great bones with those gorgeous refinished floors. I'm working on our basement guest room right now and I love the ideas you have shared. My vision is a bit similar, but probably with more blues (using a lot of what I have and rearranging.)
    I really need to add a trip to Flik and Co. and other lovely decor shops in Toronto one of these days (but I think I will wait for warmer weather.)
    Thanks for sharing the lovely images.

  5. It is going to look so great! Are you the type of person who tends to leave closet doors open? We are around here, either sliding or standard, they are always open. How about curtains that you can push back instead of doors?

  6. Oh I just love starting with a blank slate! You're ideas look amazing-- can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  7. Lowes has great prices on blinds that you can have custom cut for free! It really helped us save some money on our not so standard windows. Love your ideas!

  8. I love all of your ideas; I can hardly wait to see it put together. Enjoy.

    Letters from the Shore

  9. What a large space and what fabulous ideas. I like where this room is headed - very cozy and crisp with touches of rustic. Your blog is gorgeous - I came over via Rambling Renovators (we're both "Great Reads" - isn't that wildly flattering?)

  10. Keep your eye on the knockoff decor blog for this stuff! ~Jennifer

  11. Don't you just love the excitement of a blank slate?! You look like you have some fun ideas!!! Can't wait to see what your talented self does with it all!

  12. Love those school lights. I have them also. I found those exact ones at Lowes, much cheaper. They carry many cheaper styles that look like barn light electric.

  13. Love, Love, Love all your ideas!! We just finished a large renovation and put in the five panel doors for closet doors, bathroom door and a separation door between our living room and dining area - it has glass inserts to let the light in, and we made it a pocket door. Now I want to change all the bedroom doors to the same.
    Keep up the great work!!

  14. FYI- cream colored (not quite white) quilted bed skirts at home sense right now for about $30- very nice


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