The Fixer Upper - Grey Siding After Pictures!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Remember our Fixer Upper?!?!?

Remember the falling-apart front porch and mint green siding? I just realized that I never ended up sharing some after pictures of the place with a new front deck and new grey siding. 

(We looked at our options for siding color in this post and I shared a sneak peek of the siding being installed in this post.)

If you are a new or new-ish reader (hi! wink!) we purchased the ugliest, most ghetto house of all time one street over from ours. Alex's parents live there and provide us with a tonne of free baby and dog sitting services. They also grow vegetables in the backyard and deliver them to our doorstep. Obviously it is an awesome set-up. Hee hee!

Here's how the house was looking when we took possession. It was partially renovated by some people who were going to flip it. They had already opened up the front porch (it was enclosed) and replaced all of the windows.  

Alex and his dad fixed the porch roof, added some new posts, and built a solid new deck. We still have plans to stain the deck boards and add white railings and posts. For now though, it looks so much better!

The boys had a tough time installing the siding. On a hundred year old house, you can bet there was not an inch that was level or square. They worked really hard and finished it off this past summer. 

Alex's dad is really creative with reusing materials so he took all of the broken curbs and built a little planter wall for some hydrangeas. I'm fairly certain that every house needs to have hydrangeas all along the front.


Isn't it looking great? I think the white railing, white posts, and possibly some white shutters will really finish off the front. 

P.S. The siding was purchased from Roofmart and the color we chose is called Harvard Slate. I'm really happy with our choice!

P.P.S. Winnie is up early from her nap (boo hoo) so I've gotta run, literally. That girl is on the move. :)


  1. You are very fortunate--all around! I'll have to peek at the other fixer upper posts.

  2. We painted half of our fixer upper gray last summer and will finish this summer...we love our gray, too! So clean and finished looking! Great work!

  3. Looks great! I agree with you about every house needs hydrangeas. My mom grew the best ones and now when I see them it brings back great childhood memories. I am going to try my hand at growing some this year, but my thumb is not that green! The tips on your blog will come in handy. Come on spring!

  4. It looks awesome and I love the hydrangeas! We have been fixing up our fixer for 3 years so I know just what you are going through. Good luck with yours.


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