Wall Letters in the Master Bedroom

Monday, June 30, 2014

At first I was going to call this post "Love Letters in the Master Bedroom" but I thought it would give you the wrong idea. Don't worry..... I will forever stay true to myself and continue to avoid mushy and / or sentimental stuff like it's my job.
I must explain, then, that when I chose to spell out the word "love" on our master bedroom wall it is clearly because I love:
Sleeping in. ;)
I keep waiting for the perfect time to take pictures of our bedroom. I'm slowly trying to find the right accessories, ceiling fixture, etc. But if I keep waiting for things to be perfect then my posts sure would be few and far between. So, even though I had to kick dust bunnies out of the picture because Alex lost the broom in the basement - here are a few recent pictures of our master bedroom.
After debating whether or not I wanted to display a shelf, a series of pictures, or a mirror over the headboard I decided to go with some reclaimed wooden wall letters instead.
Even though I am fully aware that I could have gotten Alex to cut out some letters with a jigsaw - I asked for these letters as a Christmas present so that I could make some progress on our bedroom without having to do any projects. (Yup, I'm lazy now.) Plus, the fact that the letters came in random colours added a little bit of anxiety excitement to the purchase. I thought it would force me to use colours that weren't too matchy-matchy. (Um, why does my brain do that?)  
I bought the wall letters online. I'll share where they are from at the end of this post in tiny letters because I'm not sure if I would recommend them. Poor Alex had a nightmare and a half trying to order them and get them shipped to Canada. After a few headaches we ended up with not one but two broken letters and shipping charges in excess of $150. Not cool, people, not cool. I just keep telling myself that broken-and-then-glued-back-together letters add to the charming, cottage-y look that I'm going for.
Despite the shipping stuff, I do think the letters look pretty cute up on the wall.
I might even admit that I LOVE them. Get it, love them?!?!?!
Wah, wah, waaaaaaah.
Please try not to be jealous of our Sony alarm clock from 1995. And the piece of scrapbook paper that I threw in a frame so it wasn't empty for this picture.
I'm liking how the room is coming together so far, minus the scrapbook paper, alarm clock, and dust bunnies.
Here's where things are from in case you were wondering.
Quilt - Homesense
Duvet Cover - Ikea
Nightstands - Homesense
Task Lamps - Restoration Hardware Baby and Child
Wall Letters - Anthropologie
Headboard - Sears Home
Curtain Panels - Crate and Barrel
Wall Colour - Old Prairie, Benjamin Moore
Trim Colour - Simply White, Benjamin Moore
P.S. I finally figured out why my other duvet was so lumpy. I had no idea how much good quality, down duvets actually cost. When I bought our previous one I thought I was paying a decent price at $49.99. It turns out that king sized duvets cost as much as $600. Wait, what!?!?!?! Alex and I bit the bullet and purchased a better quality duvet from Costco last week for around $230. The reviews were pretty good online. I feel a bit wasteful getting rid of the old one since we only had it a few months but it was poorly made and just had to go. 
P.P.S. Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July and all that jazz!!! Yay for lemonade and fireworks! What are you up to?
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  1. So pretty! It looks wonderful above your bed. Two years ago I bought a vintage letter "L' and a different style vintage "V" and then never got around to finding the "O" and "E". So yeah, you were pretty smart just buying the whole thing. Sucks that it arrived damaged though!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa!

      P.S. What are the chances that your middle name starts with V? :)

  2. The LOVE letters are sweet but did you really have to pay $150 in shipping??? I cannot even imagine paying that for such a purchase.

    I use all white bedding...All Rachel Ashwell Simpy Shabby Chic from Target that I have been so happy with. The White Heirloom Comforter,White Ruffled Quilt, white sheets have all held up beautifully. Not too expensive either.

    Your white bedroom is lovely. xxo

    1. Hi Kerrie, yes we did have to pay that much in shipping but we didn't know the total until after. It was such an ordeal! They would only ship 2/4 letters to Canada (that should have made me walk away right there!) so we had them shipped to a broker who would then ship them to Canada. We only got the bill afterwards. Then, when we got the broken letter, we had to pay MORE shipping to get another one sent because they still wouldn't send it to Canada. It was really frustrating. Especially when the replacement letter was also broken. Let's just say that I didn't get many other Christmas presents, lol!

      Your bedding from Target sounds lovely. And thank you. :)

  3. love your room, so beautiful, especially those letters. XO

  4. What a gorgeous room! LOVE says it all!!!

  5. The room looks great. You left out an important piece of information, though. Who the heck is the call bell for? Do you have a maid, or a really really well trained husband?? Do tell. ;)

    1. LOL! I was wondering if anyone would notice that. I grabbed it from one of our shelves downstairs because the nightstand had been empty for the longest time. Although it might be important to note that it is on Alex's side of the bed. ;)

    2. Ah! Good to know. Definitely needs to be on the other side, though. You never know when ringing for service will come in handy. ;)

  6. these are fabulous! love the color they add to the room!

  7. I really like the letters. Such a pretty room.

  8. The letters are cute but I am in love with that quilt! beautiful room!

  9. These are so beautiful! I love how light and airy your bedroom feels. It reminds me how much I need a vacation!


  10. The letters look great and I love your bedroom! We've had some unexpected crazy border charges but not quite that much!

  11. I would have LOVEd to have made you those letters. I'm a regular reader and in North Bay, so the shipping wouldn't have been too bad.

    1. Oooooh, I am so going to take you up on that offer sometime!

  12. Your room makes we want to close the shades, put cover over me and take a nap, so peaceful and so beautiful. Great post. Not good recommendation for them, then you had to pay shipping to replace another broken item, whomever the shipper was should have been responsible for that, maybe the broker. Too bad their professionalism is so lax. Hope you won't let anybody do that to you again. Happy summer days

  13. Shipping Yikes! Yet when you love something there is no price too much!
    Your room feels so peaceful, I am looking to create a peaceful room as well, adding bedding collected and pillows of old and worn adding soft history to it.
    I created awhile back the word love on old vintage wood and salvage letters created from fragments of this and that, it's on the cover of Fifi's coming soon Prairie Wedding Style book, I was so elated to see my Love entertained for her cover.

    I am off to examine my bedroom to see how and what I can do to give a small room a bit more space :)
    Inspiring here.

    Beautiful weekend to you.
    Happy 4th


  14. The letters are so cute! Love your bedroom so far! Nice and light and crisp looking!!

  15. Ok, leave the 1990s clock! This little imperfection shows that the house is lived-in, and it is practical! If it bothers you, put it on the lower shelf, while in bed, you'd still be able to check the time. I assume that if it has made it that far, it is being used by one of you guys. Don't ditch things just because they are not perfect - this is what makes houses so imperfectly perfect! :)

  16. So cute!!! I love how your master bedroom is coming along! Thanks so much for linking up with us!!

  17. So lovely and peaceful!! Love the knobs on the closet doors!!!!!

  18. Your master bedroom is DREAMY! I love the wall letters!


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