Three Small Projects in the Dining Room - Done and Done

Thursday, November 28, 2013

{Before we start, let's pretend the wall colour in the above photo doesn't look lilac. Lilac is b-a-d.}
So. I really and truly can't believe the title of this post. Three projects done?!?!? It's pretty much a miracle.
First, I finally got around to framing one of my Etsy prints. Second, I finally got around to buying some orchid bark so that I could repot my orchid in a cute, white pot. And third, I finally got around to painting and changing the hardware on that little cabinet thingie.
I'll share some more details and pictures of both the print and the cabinet in a later post. Little Coopster is due to wake up from his nap any minute now and he is very demanding about wanting to play with his farm animals as soon as he wakes up. ;)


  1. if only i could keep my orchids alive... yours is a beauty!

  2. Nice photo - looking forward to the details!


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