A Light Fixture for the Exterior Side Entry

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A few weeks ago I showed you the run-down exterior of our tiny side entry addition. You almost died of shock, I almost died of embarrassment. It was pretty intense.
Some of you gave me hope with encouraging words like, "It has good bones" and "It has potential!" Thanks. I needed that.
I sanded and primed my little buns off for a few days until I got to the ceiling. Yeah. Ceilings with lots of little spider-y nooks and crannies just aren't my thing. I still remember watching Arachnophobia at my friend's house across the street when I was like, ten. Freaky.  I'm hoping that Alex might help me with the rest of the priming tomorrow. The good news is that it is already starting to look so much better. Phew.
So, I started shopping online for light fixtures. I found the dreamiest, most perfect light ever at Pottery Barn. Oh how I wanted that light. I wanted it bad.
Can you see why?
Pottery Barn - Fisherman's Flushmount
However, since we were pretty set on replacing the storm door with a new one, and the door opens outwards, the light had to be less than 8" in height. The Pottery Barn one was just too big. Plus, Alex wasn't too happy about the $250 price tag.
So, I found a similar looking light online from Wayfair. 'Cept it was still an inch or so too high.
Wayfair - Sea Gull Lighting - Sebring Outdoor Flush Mount
We decided to hit up our local lighting store which we have used for our other exterior light fixture at the front of the house (still love) as well as many of our indoor ceiling fixtures.
To Alex's excitement, they were having a huge sale on exterior lighting that week. Almost 50% off ALL in-store exterior lights. He begged me, literally begged me to find one that was on sale.  
After looking through all of their catalogues and finding nothing similar to my online finds, the sales clerk brought over a different style of light. And it was kind of cute.
It had pretty seeded glass and a lantern-style look to it. Plus, it was just shy of 8" high AND it was on sale for $56.
SOLD. I wish you could've seen the look of triumph on Alex's face when we walked out with it. ;)
All I have is a lousy iPhone picture of the catalogue but it will give you an idea for now. 
I'll share the info about it once we get it installed and looking all pretty. :)
Progress! My favourite thing.
(Besides coffee, baby snuggles, and chip stands.)


  1. Very pretty and love a good deal like that. The seeded glass is a really nice touch.

  2. It's actually really nice (can't wait to see it up) - it's just another version of the style you like - well done, and thank goodness for sales!!! I'm looking at lights now too, and the sales are on, and hubby and I can't agree on anything! :-)

  3. Ooo - love seeded glass. Your new light is going to look great (and hubby will be happy too and that's important).

  4. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    Chip stands teehee ;)

  5. Great choice! I can see why you are excited. Looking forward to seeing it up!


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