A Little Valentine's Day Shelf

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My picture is crooked. I'm artsy fartsy.
In case you thought that it was too late to decorate for Valentine's Day.... I'm here to tell you that you've still got time.  
Just leave your dishes from the night before in the sink (that's me) and avoid taking your dogs for a walk (that's me) and you'll get some V-day decorating done before tomorrow.
Since I decided to do this at the last minute to avoid my daily chores, I had to be creative with things that I already had around the house. I made a giant mess digging through tubs in the basement for things but who needs to know about that.
I took my little heart-punch art thingie from a few years ago (links here and here), trimmed it down, and placed it in a smaller white frame:
I propped some vintage heart cookie cutters (I'm collecting them) into some white ceramic dishes:

I made a little garland with some twine and used some tiny clothespins (from Chapters) to hang little heart cut-outs. I just used the leftover scrapbook paper from the heart-art project:
I'll probably write some cute things on them and give them to Alex tomorrow. Of course I can't share what they're going to say on the internet.
{Okay fine. They're probably going to say things like, "I like you because you don't get mad at me when I bring the car home with the gas light on" or "I like when you use your strong muscles to hang drywall in the basement, hint hint."}
I used a wooden candle holder to display some tiny fresh flowers in tiny glass candle holders:
The pink tray I've had since my very first year of teaching. It was a gift from a student. It's one of my favourite things.
So there you go. A last minute Valentine's Day shelf from the biggest procrastinator you know. :)
I'm a bit sad that my posts have been so few and far between lately. But I do have one in the works called 'Baby Chasing and Baby Proofing' because that's all I've been doing lately!
Any big plans for Valentine's Day? I think I'll make a chocolate cake for Alex. Don't tell anyone but it's really like a gift for me. Muhahahaha!
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  1. Ahhh that is so cute! Love it! I had a day of work today thinking I would bake something "hearty" for Valentines Day and here it is late afternoon....and nothing! Happy hearts day tomorrow!!

  2. love all the sentimental details!
    aaannnnnnd i totally told my hubs he had to leave a few mins early today because the gas light was about to go on! hahahahaha.

  3. This is so adorable!! I envy people like you who can just whip this up with stuff laying around the house. :) Love this. Have an awesome v-day!

  4. Such cute ideas! I suppose I could get out a heart cookie cutter and prop it somewhere, but I'm even later than you. I'm thinking I'll just call it bedtime soon instead :) I was also debating making a red velvet cake for my husband, but since he's taking me out tomorrow (yay!) and I had other things going on tonight, it will have to be a belated Valentine's cake. Oh well. You can just save up good excuses to make cakes and then make them when you feel ilke it, right?

  5. I LOVE your Valentine decorated shelf Sarah! So, so cute!
    I also enjoyed your tutorial on cleaning the Ikea slips. I have white slips on my other sofas that are not Ikea too and I haven't ever washed them in hot...so I learned something new to try.

  6. I love every single item on this little shelf. Darling!
    Well done, as always!

  7. LOVE it Sarah! :) Happy heart day!

  8. This is so cute! I love the chic, vintage feel!

  9. Love your shelf Sarah! Its precious!!!


  10. So cute! Love the heart art!

  11. This is adorable. So eyecatching and heartwarming. ♥

  12. What you've done is actually all you need - just that little space made for decorating. I just decorated the dining table this year and kept it simple. The dining table is something we see everyday and sit at everyday so the small display I put on it gets constant viewing! It's also my very first year for decorating for Valentines Day! I got inspired from all the beautiful American blogs I now follow (it seems you Americans really like to celebrate everything!!!) :-)

  13. I'm loving the pink and brown "natural" look! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-) http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/43/those-tiny-toes-hearts-craft


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. The contest is only eligible for US Residents so this Canadian girl is outta luck.


  14. Very, very cute!
    Oh, and Jim thinks I made the cookies for him...hee hee!

  15. Such a cute vignette! So beautiful with just the pink rather than red. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  16. I have that plate!!!


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