Printstagram - A Little Review

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I was out at a photography workshop a month or so ago and one of the girls in the class busted out a huge album full of all the photos she had taken since starting the six-week workshop.
Inside, I had a tear. I think I've printed maybe five photos since I bought my DSLR almost two years ago. It was soooooo nice to browse through an actual, real photo album.
Since sorting through my ten thousand photos in Lightroom seems a big daunting right now, I decided to start small and try printing some of my Instagram photos.
I googled a few companies that'll print the tiny, square Instragram-size photos and I came across a company called Printstagram.
Ooooh, cute name I thought to myself.
After browsing through their products I decided to try ordering a set of two "mini-books" for $12. I was able to choose 100 of my favourite Instagram photos to go in the two books (50 pictures in each). What appealed to me about the mini-books was that I wouldn't have to worry about finding an album to store a huge stack of square pictures. They would already be in a tiny little book. I also really liked the pricetag. Twelve bucks sounded like a pretty good deal.
I was a bit anxious putting my order through as Printstagram is a relatively new company and they had mixed reviews on a few other blogs. I decided to see for myself and went for it. To my dismay I found out (after I chose all of my photos and entered in all of my info) that the shipping to Canada would be just as much as the product itself. $12 for the product + $12 for shipping. Oy. Because I'm a sucker and really wanted them I ordered them anyway. I couldn't find the shipping costs anywhere on their site before hitting the checkout so it would have been nice to know ahead of time.
Since the products ship directly from China the packaging was pretty funky. I'm not sure exactly how long the shipping took though as it went to our post office box and I forgot to pick up the mail for a few days. More like a few weeks
I have to say that the mini books are pretty darn cute.

They are tiny, simple, and sweet..... small enough to throw in my purse so that I can annoy just about anyone with random Coopster pictures. There isn't an option (yet?) to organize the photos - they just get thrown into the book randomly. I don't mind, it kind of adds a little element of surprise as you flip through each album.  
Overall, I am happy with my cute little photo albums. I just wish the shipping wasn't so much. Boo hoo. Instead of ordering 100 photos every month I'll just have to save my pennies and order 'em every six months instead.
P.S. The peeps at Prinstagram don't know me and have no idea that I'm writing this little review. But if they WANT to get to know me and give me a discount on shipping I'd really like it. Heh heh heh.
What about you.... have you tried to print any of your Instagram photos yet? How did it go!?!


  1. Oh dear. I think I may be sucked in to this one too ;)

    1. You know you want one. You knoooooooooooow you want one. Muhahahaha!

  2. I love these!! Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to check it out!!

  3. I have bought 2 mini books as a first fathers day gift. He thought it was the sweetest thing ever. He's a cop & keeps on in his pocket of our daughter. (:

  4. looks dodgey because i put anonymous, only because all the other options confused me :P I've been blog stalking this page for a few months (and used up many a bored time at work sneakily looking through all the archives! don't tell!)

    But i had to comment on this one because lately i'm OBSESSED with photobooks!

    i use though, if you havent' already, you should look at it! though i must admit, those small books are adorable...and i may just want one to add to my growing collection!

    though shipping to Australia can be just as expensive and frustrating :(

  5. I love this idea - can't wait to try it...Thanks for sharing. Somehow I just found you! Can't wait to follow! Hope you'll come by too :)
    Chris {aka Freckle Face Girl}

  6. i'm super late to the show...i only have 3 pictures on instagram BUT will see if i can load it up before is super cute - i think shipping anywhere may be expensive

  7. I'm so glad I just found your review! I looked around and was reading mixed reviews, but nobody had reviewed the little spiral books specifically, mainly just the prints... I just ordered the spiral books as xmas gifts. I hope I'm happy with mine too!


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