My Wardrobe Needs a Grown-Uppity Update

Monday, August 20, 2012

If you follow me on Pinterest at all, you may have been wondering what the heck has been going on over the last few days. It's kind of like I was pinning on speed. Not my normal pins at 10x my normal pinning rate. 

Let me explain. Awhile back I was looking for some new tops. At Aeropostale. {Can't believe I just admitted that on the internet.} You know the store.... the one where all of the ads have beautiful teenagers roasting marshmallows around a campfire or all holding hands. 

Image: Aeropostale

Well, when I was browsing around the store I bumped into our next-door-neighbours: my friend and her 10-year old daughter. The little girl was holding up the same shirt as me.  


I've slowly come to the realization that since I'm now in my, ahem, thirties, it might be time to update my wardrobe a little bit. There is absolutely no way you will ever see me walking around town wearing sequins or heels, but maybe, just maybe, I could try out a scarf, a bracelet, or a grown-up purse. Gasp!

The good news is that thanks to MyFitnessPal (iphone app) I'm pretty much down to my old clothing size. That means I've lost 39 of the 43 pounds that I packed on while brewing up Mini-Coop. Sha-bam! Being a milkshake factory has that extra benefit. Sweeeeeet. 

So anyway, for the longest time I had two measly pins on a board called Ca-ute Outfits. That's how much I really cared about clothes / fashion. I've been trying to psyche myself up for the big grown-up shopping adventure by pinning a million cute but casual outfits that I just might be able to wear (if I try really hard).

Here are a few examples:

Did you notice that a few outfits even have hoodies!?!?!?! Phew. I can't give those up cold turkey. There's just no way.

I'm heading out to the mall today with my way-more-stylish-than-me friend. Wish us luck. I may come back all grown-uppity n' stuff.

Feel free to tell me that you still shop at American Eagle, too. Or that your current wardrobe consists of hoodies, jeans, and polka-dot socks just like me. You always know how to make me feel better. ;)


  1. Hi Sarah! I dress just like the clothes you pinned and I'm 61, I'll be darn if I'll ever wear polyester pants with a strech waist band. I shop at Macy's, TJ Maxx and Marshall's but never in the Jr.dept. shopping in that dept. would never be age appropriate. Have fun shopping!

  2. funny! I secretly still shop at DELIAS!! Seriously though, I get compliments all the time on these slightly more fun and youthful pieces. I like your boards. Being grown up should still be true to yourself, so if that's colorful and fun I say go for it.

  3. I just had a baby too (May 29th) and I managed to pack on almost 80lbs *sadly not a typo* a lot was water though so I've lost about 60lbs and have just under 20lbs left and I've been losing about 2 lbs a week and have not even started exercising yet so not too much longer. Anywho, my old clothes obviously don't fit yet and I needed to get a few pieces to feel comfortable back at work since I can't wear my yoga pants and sweatshirts from high school...I'm 27 and still wear my sweats from highschool sports. I bought my very first piece of clothing not from the juniors section! I had to text people because I realized I might be growing up. I love what you pinned and surprisingly have quiet a bit of it but I have no idea how to put it together to look "put together". You'll have to do a post on that because there are a lot of new mamas that just realized they're no longer in highschool, or even college for that matter (which I totally wore sweats to everyday). I get almost all of my clothes from the Target juniors section and AE...I don't even know where to shop for cute, affordable grown up clothes. HELP!

  4. all of these outfits are super cute but look comfy them all...
    now i wanna go shop! ♥ loves to you

  5. I too have a hoodie problem. Of course my "Oh crap" moment was when at casual friday at school one of my 14 year old students said "Hey I have the same shirt!!!" and then I wanted to die. I have since developed a love for Ann Taylor Loft- but I still get my hoodies from AE. Good luck shopping!!

  6. The clothes you "pinned" were very cute. I've been wondering if I need to quit finding things in Forever 21 considering I'm in my early 50's-ha! I have a couple role model friends whose style I admire and when I'm shopping my mind will think "would they wear this...ever?" I love The Loft, Kohl's,and the GAP. Good luck, have fun, and congrats on losing so much weight!! (In the Northwest, hoodies are always in style!)

  7. Oh Sarah - I think I've gone backwards. When I was in my early 20s,I worked in banking - all suits with shoulder pads (that dates me) and medium height black pumps. Then I moved into retail management, a store that was aimed at teens and 20s market and dressed much younger and casually. Then I started working at processing for the government and worked from home - in my jammies! I have the largest jammie wardrobe you've ever seen so if anyone needs wardrobe help, it's me. During those 30 years, I also gained 100 lbs (lost 23 of them now) so Sarah dear, trust me when I say you have nothing to worry about. Wear what makes you comfortable, only grow up as much as you want and be proud of all you have accomplished - a beautiful family, your little Coopster is the cutest and a welcoming home (not too mention your current reno project). You are WonderWoman (but don't buy a cape - that is way too grown up for you). I love the ensembles you pinned and am following there now. Ciao, J

  8. I still dress that way and also started getting worried about it since my very nearly 10 year old now wants to wear my clothes. I still shop at Forever 21 and Pinkie which is similar. No way am I giving up my jeans and hoodies!

    Hope you have a blast shopping and is planning on showing us your finds!

  9. i'm trying to get out of my "work from home" look which consists solely of shorts and t-shirts (not cute tshirts ) i always feel badly for mike when he gets home -- i always look like i'm about to go on a walk and never do!!
    love the outfits you pinned!! i love a hoodie!

  10. Well, I'm 38 and I work in financial services so at work, I dress grown-up (actually classic - I used to call it plain Jane :)) but after work and on weekends and casual Friday, I wear jeans, sneakers and t-shirts, and yes, hoodies if it's a bit cold.

    That is me and I'm not changing............. of course I wear age-appropriate jeans, etc.

    BTW I love the stuff you pinned and am DROOLING over that yellow handbag!

  11. These are such adorable outfits!

  12. The clothes are so cute and you pulled together the outfits nicely. I like how you included nail polish. Do you have the sources? Congratulations on getting back to your usual weight.

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  14. Legging jeans at Express are nearly pajama jeans. They look super cute with detail and correct pocket placement. Even the high waist is cute. I love the layering tanks from Target (not ribbed). I love long, slub knit, boat-necks and hoodies and scarves from anywhere. I'm mid 30's so I've given up my grunge-based youth of concert t's and faded, worn jeans. I'm still on the fence about my converse. Am I ready for Toms?


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