Homesense Finds, Your Questions, a Guest Post, and a Possible Road Trip

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homesense Finds

Don't you just love a good Homesense / Homegoods find? When you browse the aisles for something, anything cute amongst the ugly, tacky stuff and then DING, DING, DING you find something good. Oh the thrill of the hunt.

On my last trip I was searching for a basket that I could use on the main floor for miscellaneous baby gear: diapers, wipes, blankets, books, small toys, etc. I found this basket and knew it would be perfect. Not too shallow, not too deep, handles, square, sturdy, cute, sold.

When I was decorating Cooper's nursery, I was going for the cottage meets industrial vibe. (Does that sound odd, why yes I think it does). I had a few items from Restoration Hardware Baby in mind:

Image: Restoration Hardware Baby

Image: Restoration Hardware Baby

I thought one of these metal shelf do-dads would have looked pretty cool in his room. Buuuut, I couldn't find anything like it. A month or so after I finished his room, I came across this at Homesense:

You know I just had to get it anyway. Especially since the Homesense version was $49 compared to the Restoration Hardware version at $199. I'll most likely hang it up in the stripey room. One day I'll get around to doing that. :)

Your Questions

Your questions on my last post were so awesome! Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. I can't wait to start putting together a post with all of the answers. Still no videos though. I'd probably say "eh" a trillion times and then you'd laugh at me.

A Guest Post

I don't do a lot of guest posts since I royally suck at submitting things on time, but when Denise at The Painted Home asked me to do a little house tour I just had to say yes.

I had brilliant plans to take all new, updated photos of our house but we all know that that didn't happen. Still, it was an honour to be invited as Denise's style, home, and blog are the ultimate in cottage-y goodness. I'm over there today sharing the photos from my House Tour page.

Possible Road Trip

My mom and I are debating whether or not we want to tackle a little day trip to our favourite cottage stores down South this Saturday. {I posted about some of the fun stores in cottage country here.} That would mean a 3-hour drive there and a 3-hour drive back with a 3-month old baby (who is still "milkshake" feeding). I reallllllllllllly want to go. Is it do-able? Or am I crazy to even think about it?

Wait a minute, how did that Coopster picture get in this post!?!?


  1. Your homesense shelves are every bit as cute as the RH ones. Will be so nice on the striped wall. I love your house.

  2. loving that shelf! awesome score!!

  3. Love your Homesense Finds!! Both are very cute!! The road trip sounds fun, but I know what you mean about the drive & the baby!! It might be a hassle, but might be worth it!! I say go for it!!

    p.s. I'm gonna be in Canada next week!! We are going to Vancouver for a conference with my hubby's work! I know it's pretty far from where you're at, but it will be my first time to Canada!! Pretty excited!!

  4. I just saw you post at The Painted Home... I love Denise's blog she has some of the best tours around...
    I loved seeing your home.
    I must say... your kitchen linoleum looks good with the colors you've put on your wall. I recognize that pattern and it is an old pattern. I had it ..only in dark brown, and orange-ish shades of tan... I hated it. But when I saw it in your tour...I smiled!
    So I must ask... I know the pattern is old, but is the linoleum old? If it is...and you're living with it and making it work---then bravo! For having a frugal home without going out and spending a lot of money! I am a gal, that can appreciate that, for sure! It truly does look good. :) So nice to visit your blog... Pat

    1. You're so right! That linoleum in our kitchen is old-school. It photographs better than it looks in person. Up close it is so crusty!!!! We live with it now so that we'll be able to afford a massive kitchen Reno when we're ready. Someday. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Congrats on the feature, it's a great story! I love your blog and even though I've seen most of the pictures in the feature article before I still loved looking at your home!

    Oh... and I think you should definitely do the road trip! :o)


  6. haha, your hysterical! love that Copper photo.
    Thanks for stopping by the Painted Home yesterday Sarah!You were a big hit!
    Yes, take the road trip, and tell us all about it.
    Thanks again,
    d e n i s e

  7. Love the picture of Cooper :) The photo from restoration hardware baby is too adorable. I totally get what you mean cottage meets industrial and that picture resembles it quite well i'd say! We adore place to spend hours and hours hunting for the perfect decor :)

  8. Awesome shelf! And what a great price. It's always nice when you find a good deal for something you have been looking for.

    Have fun in Muskoka! One of my favourite parts of our province. Always so many good finds there (by a wee bit pricey sometimes).

  9. I love your ideas! Hope you don't mind if I use it as inspiration to organize my things in my tempe arizona apartments.

  10. I just popped over from seeing your guest post at the painted home.
    Wow! is all I can say. You have a lovely home. Everything is simple, but purposeful and so lovely. I adore your entryway area with the bench and the bucket with flowers.
    I don't think your kitchen is ugly at all. I love what you have done in there with the butcher block carts and all the basket organization! That just made me squeal.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  11. Just found your blog and love all your inspirational posts. Great price on your new shelf! Can't wait to see how you use it.
    New Follower.



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