25 Things

Thursday, June 28, 2012

1. Ever had a black bear in your driveway? It's kinda freaky deaky. We had a big one. He took a bag of garbage out of our garbage can, dragged it into the neighbour's perennial garden, and went to town. Dear Neighbour: I'm sorry your garden is now full of poopy diapers.

2. My mom came over and picked off all of the mushrooms that were growing in the front lawn. She said it was urgent so that they didn't make spores. Spores? What the heck are spores? Oh yeah. Thanks mom. You are an excellent mushroom remover.

3. Mini-Coop had his two month vaccinations yesterday. He slept for a few hours and then woke up screaming like a lunatic baby. I cried on the inside. It was so sad to see him not feeling well. :(

4. Alex went over to The Fixer Upper yesterday after work. He was there until 10:30 at night!!!! He worked on putting up a makeshift fence around the pool (insurance guy is coming today) and sanding/priming some drywall patches (painters starting on the walls tonight). Such a trooper.

5. The rest of the fam (that's me, Cooper, Roary, and Lexie) have been walking over to visit everyone at the Fixer Upper almost every day. I offer to help but we all know how much of a help I would really be with two dogs and a baby in tow.

6. I ate a Costco-sized box of Corn Pops by myself in less than a week. Ummmmm, yeah.

7. Have you ever heard of the Cereal Diet to lose excess baby weight? I just invented it. It might be working. Mmmmm, Corn Pops.

8. I think I have a sugar addiction. Do NOT ask me how many sugars I put in my coffee every morning. {Note to self: Schedule a dentist appointment ASAP.}

9. This blog has had over ONE MILLION pageviews. I thought that deserved some capital letters. That is so wild. Hmmmm, maybe I should start doing grammar and spell checks. And stop starting sentences with the word "and".

10. The other day I watched our youngest pup, Lexie, do the most ridiculous puppy runs around the backyard. Under the deck, over the deck, around the deck, along the fence, around the tree, repeat, repeat, repeat at lightning speed. She's crazy y'all.

11. I made my first homemade dinner since coming home from the hospital with Cooper. (I am definitely NOT one of those super-mom types.) It was the tastiest (and spiciest) chili I've ever made! The ultimate secret is.... don't put too many beans.

12. I didn't have time to dry/straighten my hair today. It dried all wonky with ten cowlicks at the front and even more tangles in the back. I'm pretttttttty.

13. My cute friend sent me a text urging me to download an app for my iphone ASAP: myfitnesspal. I played around with it for a bit before bed and I am already addicted. It's not 'cause she thinks I'm fat it's because we like to have fitness / weight loss bets with eachother. ;) I still have about 10-15 pounds to go to get back to my pre-baby weight. And maybe I might want to try and get rid of that post-baby flabby belly thing I've got going on, too.

14. You want to know how much I weigh right now don't you! Shame on you for being nosy. Bahahahaha. I'll tell you that I gained 43 pounds when I was preggers and so far I've lost 28 of 'em.

15. I hope no-one notices that I've been wearing the same capri shorts, oh, for the last 20 days straight. (Minus a few hours here and there when I had to trade them in for some stretchy jogging shorts while they were in the wash.) None of my other shorts/capris fit yet. Wah wah waaaaaaaah.

16. It's 5:30 a.m. right now. Here I am typing a random, ridiculous post when beautiful sleep is calling my name.

17. I have an illogical fear that a bad guy is going to crawl through one of our windows at night if we leave any of them open (I've never been able to get the Elizabeth Smart abduction story out of my head). I always, always, always close and lock the windows on the main floor before bed. Even when it's a thousand degrees in the middle of summer.

18. I miss road trips.

19.  I'm doing another summer photography workshop because I loved the last one so much. It starts tonight!

20. Alex and Cooper will be having their first boys-night while I'm gone. I'm going to try not to be the crazy mom who phones every 5 seconds. Now texting, that's different. ;)

21. I'm still saving up for this camera lense: http://www.henrys.com/364-CANON-EF-24-105MM-F4-L-IS-USM-LENS.aspx. It's dreamy and I want it so bad. (It will replace the crappy kit lense that came with my camera.)

22. I kinda wish I had gone to one of those blog conferences after seeing all the photos and reading about all the fun that was had. I want to meet Layla and Kevin, tooooooooooooo (whiny voice).

23. Working on The Fixer Upper makes me really want to flip houses for real. (This is more of a rental property right now.)

24. I miss baking.

25. I like that you read my dorky blog.

26. I just looked and saw that the fonts are all messed up in this post. But I am just way too tired to go back and fix it. :)


  1. Congrats on the million!!! I can sooo relate to number 17 and now that I have kids I am little OCD about checking windows and doors. As much fun as the conferences sound, I am sooo glad I didn't have to hear you talk about it like everyone else. Your so cool and we love your NOT dorky blog,

  2. So funny! I do the same thing with windows because of the Elizabeth Smart story! I NEVER leave my 2 and 3 year olds in their rooms sleeping with the windows open!

  3. usually I don't jump into the list posts but this one really snagged me in and I loved it! odd I know - maybe because our lives sound a little similar! happy day to you (you capri wearing snaggley hair darling you!) xo

  4. I really got a kick out of this post Sarah. Especially the post-baby pants, because I've so been there, done that. I swear, the first trimester and post partum are my two least favorite times of the whole pregnancy thing. Oh, and that last part where you're huge isn't much fun either. So really, the second trimester is the only part of pregnancy I semi-enjoyed. ;-) Just remember, the whole nine months on, nine months off rule really does seem to hold true (no matter how much I tried to fight it).

    And I'm going to have to try your Corn Pops diet...

  5. you are too funny! I read the whole thing- smiling the whole time ;)

  6. i thought you'd done the font thing on purpose ;-) x

  7. I love these random posts! Enjoy your photography class. The 'boys' should have a wonderful night together.

  8. I had to respond to your #1 about the black bears! We live in the Northern PA Mountains & have had 4 different appearances of black bears in less than a month! Kinda cool & kinda scary!

    I've never commented before, but I love your style!

  9. I wish there was a 'like' button on your blog. I love reading your posts. I wish I was interesting enough to write a blog. Thank you for making my morning a little more pleasant as I sit at my desk wishing I were at home. I hate my job and it's no secret. Sadly, yes, everyone around me is aware. Sorry, I'm blabbing on about nonsense... Again, thank you for taking the time to blog about your life. I enjoy reading about it!

  10. Does your mom want to come pick my mushrooms too? Now I'M concerned about spores... (?!?!) :) ha ha p.s. Time and energy to bake will come back sooner than you think, and then when Cooper is two he will like baking WITH you! Owen is a big help. and he and I are planning our first road trip, so there's that to look forward too. ha ha Enjoy your photography class!

  11. I had so many comments rolling around as I read each of your sentences here. You're so fun. I love posts like this but by the time I get to the end I have forgotten everything I wanted to say as i read! Haha! I want to meet Kevin and Layla too. :)

  12. I hardly ever read long blog posts, but yours are so funny I can't help myself! Also love following the house progress. Hang in there!

  13. Sugar addictions are real. I have one. My coffee is the grown-up version of store-bought chocolate milk! And, I'm the EXACT same way about my windows...and I keep the windows in my daughters' rooms in the open but latched position for the same reason (even though they wake up as sweaty messes)!!!!!

  14. new lenses are always exciting. Not sure what you are using now apart from kit lenses however even before you get your "baby ie new lens) see if you can buy a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens (this is a fast lens for using indoors and of course outdoors it's fantastic too). In Australia it is around the $120 mark and we are normally dearer when it comes to stuff including photographic equipment. You will love this little lens and the quality is excellent. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  15. I love reading your blog. COngrats on the fixer upperer.

  16. share your chili recipe, lady!

  17. Am I weired for loving random posts? We did two short road trips this weekend. One to Amsterdam to drop the kids off at the airport and one to Germany to pick someone up from the airport. And just in case you were wondering we do have airports in Belgium.

  18. Congrats on hitting ONE MILLION pageviews!! That's awesome!! And I LOVE reading your "dorky blog!" #22....you totally need to come to a blog conference!! I so want to meet you!! Kevin & Layla are even more ADORABLE in person!!


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