Pie Mission Impossible IV

Friday, August 5, 2011

When I decided on a whim to start collecting vintage pie plates (you can read about that decision here), I had no idea that finding them would be like starring in the next Mission Impossible movie.

Because it has been, literally, impossible to find more!

I guess Martha Stewart went and snagged them all for this inspiration photo:

Share, Martha. Share the plates with me.

I mentioned in my last post that Alex and I were out of town on a little road trip. We drove all the way from our little city in Ontario to my new favourite place of all time: Montreal, QC.

Even though it was more of a sight-seeing adventure sort of trip, a little voice inside my head told me that I would absolutely-for-sure-no-question-about-it-for-certain-of-course find a few little tin pie plates.

I dragged Alex to fifteen different antique stores in and around the cities of Ottawa and Montreal. FIFTEEN!?!?

Pie plates? None. The frustrating part about the whole thing was that many of the shop owners told me that they usually do have some. Le sigh. That's french. Hahaha.

So, I still only have my first two plates:

It's a good thing I've got an awesome friend/scout over in British Columbia (Hi, Claire). She found a set for me but they were $200. Ouch! I've also been checking out some plates on Etsy but shipping to Canada almost always costs more than the plates themselves! Plus, nothing compares to the feeling of digging through a pile of old stuff to find your very own little treasures. 

So here's a question for my fellow Ontario girls. Do you know the names and/or locations of some good antique stores? I'd love to hit them up on my next road trip.


One Minute Later Update: I found an Etsy seller willing to ship two pie plates to Canada for $5. Sold! Here are the beauts:



  1. Too funny! I will keep scouting for ya! One day you will get a little something in the mail, I am sure!


  2. I'll keep an eye out for them around here. I bet Martha did buy them all.

  3. I saw a couple at the antiques store in St.Jacob's last week. I'd happily pick some up for you! :)

  4. Sounds frustrating but what a nice Etsy seller! Just today while picking son #1 up at a meeting point in Harriston, Ontario (just west of Arthur) I came across an antiques store, Davie's Antiques right on the main road coming into town. The most AMAZING antiques store with some awesome stuff (and actually room to walk about.) The prices were way better than stuff I see around the GTA and I finally found a kitchen scale that I could afford. Good luck finding more tins.

  5. I will keep my eyes open for you when I go antiquing!!

  6. Hi Sarah, I'm sure I saw a couple of them at this antique store a couple of days ago: http://www.freeltonantiquemall.com/
    This is one of the best antique stores/malls I've come across since we moved to ON from NS, being from NS I can honestly say that "we" Nova Scotians have way better antique choices! Good luck in your hunt!! Kim B.

  7. I will be on the look-out!! Would love to help expand your pie plate collection!! You MUST have that pie plate gallery wall! :)

  8. I know we have quite a collection in the shop! When I go in this week I will get some prices for you and send you some photos...hope it will help! Love your inspiration photo!

  9. Ok, here is my confession. I read your post last week. I was very inspired. I went crazy and bought a #*!load of pie tins on ebay... and then looked at my kitchen. I don't even have any walls to display those things on! I don't know what I was thinking. I now have 15 pie tin. Sitting here. Staring at me.

  10. Check out Carriage House Antiques in Bowmanville. She has awesome stuff. I'm not sure about pie plates but you can ask her. She has a blog: http://carriagehouseantiques.blogspot.com/


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