Adorable Etsy Shop Print (That I Must Get)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Image: f2 Images on Etsy

I haven't been on Etsy in a long time. It's been so busy around here! Well, except for the past weekend when I decided to mope around and be ultra unproductive.

So I was clicking away on yesterday when I found a little shop called f2 Images. I found the most adorable photo of an old typewriter that I just love.

I kind of happened to love all of the photos, actually.

Image: f2 Images on Etsy

They are so, so, so pretty!

Image: f2 Images on Etsy

I love the muted colours and simplicity. Some people are just so talented!  

I bookmarked the site so that as soon as I collect enough toonies from Alex's pockets I'll be able to order one. Hee hee hee.

Which one is your favourite? Know of any other good Etsy shops?? I'd love to waste a whole night surfing the net ('cause I don't do that enough already) so send any links my way. ;)


  1. I need that typewriter for above my computer. :]

  2. Hmm that is a tough one! I think I like the butterfly and then the typewriter! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. oh, SO much to love on etsy! Starting with (sorry don't know how to do links in comments so will just be raw urls):

    this fantastic camera strap that you NEED:

    One of my favourite prints ever (although very modern - doesn't push your vintage buttons!)


    all the incredible papercuts at this awesome (but weird) store:

    Etsy is WAY TOO MUCH fun!

  4. Those are great. I love the butterfly...that would look super good in my daughter's room.

  5. I love the pink butterfly so sweeet.

  6. Hmm, the typewriter is likely my fave, but there's something about the last one I quite like as well.

  7. I love the butterfly one!
    ps. I've been very unproductive too


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