When Your Hubby Destroys Your Finished Basement....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do you:

a) cry
b) kick him to the curb
c) go on a massive shopping spree to make yourself feel better
d) start googling board and batten wainscotting, vintage light fixtures, and cozy, white sectionals

Let me rewind here for a minute and explain how all of this happened. 

We currently have four major renovations/projects left to tackle on the first and second levels: the deck, the floor refinishing, the main bathroom, and the kitchen. We still have many rooms that need a million some finishing touches (rugs, side tables, curtains, pictures, etc.) but that's another story for another day.

When we moved in, our basement recroom was "finished". It had new drywall, new doors, new trim, and new carpeting. Granted, it was all pretty ugly. But, we threw our old Ikea apartment furniture and big t.v. down there and left it pretty much as is. We had far in the future plans to paint the walls, add white wainscotting, change out / paint the doors, etc., etc., etc.

Ugly trim n' stuff.
But at least there was a ceiling.

Boring paint colour.
But at least there were walls.

Mishmash of furniture.
But at least there was a new, clean carpet.

On his last day of Christmas holidays, Alex told me he was going to start demolishing the kitchen. Um, what!?!?!?! With no plan? No budget? No internet surfing and googling for 6 months beforehand?

I told him I didn't think it was a good idea, yet. So he went downstairs to "insulate the laundry room". Little did I know that "insulating the laundry room" would lead to him destroying the whole basement.

My little friend Mike Holmes found out that the "finished" walls only had R-something insulation when they're supposed to be R-something else. He also found some mysterious wires leading to the "finished" ceiling.

So, I guess we're doing a big basement renovation now? Yay?


  1. Sarah, oh no! We to are in a home renovation of many levels...as I read your words, I thought I was reading mine! lol I can definitely see why your a little...um, I mean a lot unhappy!! It's hard to start other projects when you already have so many to finish up...I understand this first hand! Hang in there and maybe if he is lucky...he will get to sleep on the couch! lol ;)


  2. Oh my gosh, I am laughing soooo hard over here! I'm sure it's not as funny to you but reading it and seeing the pics sent me into a giggling fit. He seriously did some major destruction down there!!! Thank you for the laugh and I really hope you end up with a gorgeous basement at the end of it all...you sure deserve it after this!

  3. Oh wow! He really went to town down there. Is that wall with the small window an outside wall with no insulation at all? At least you still have nice doors :)

  4. Sarah,
    That is hysterical! He really went wild with the destruction huh?!! At least he wanted to do something though - my husband would be happy if not one thing in our house changed for the next 50 years! Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow! Wish my hubby would just decide to demolish a room & start a renovation without me having to bug him for months on end! He hates home improvement projects! Can't wait to see all the progress!

  6. i love all your "destruction" photos. We live in a fixer upper, and I had a dream that my husband accidentally put a hole through the kitchen wall....and I just knew that meant we got to remodel the kitchen! When I woke up and there was no hole, I was a little disappointed!!

  7. Oh, dear, but...things happen for a reason. Perhaps he was meant to find that mysterious wire now. Perhaps there's some great deal out there that you'd only find doing the basement. Whatever the reason, embrace the fact that something's getting worked on even if it's not what you thought would be next.

  8. WOW he really went to town on that!!! I am guessing that the answer to your first question would be d! :) I wish my hubby would something like that, usually that is me doing the destruction and him saying wait! :) I hope you have fun with it and I can't wait to see how everything turns out!

  9. I would have chosen "C" That's what I always do when my husband upsets my apple cart:) I'll bet eventually you will be glad, but right now it's rather unsettling! I too, kind of started laughing...sorry 'bout that! It reminds me of that commercial where the wife comes home to her husband jackhammering the front steps and the entire walkway when he was only going to do the steps. His reason? He had the jackhammer for the whole day! Funny!

  10. All I want to know is your husband perhaps related to my husband? Cuz this sounds like something that would happen in our house!


  11. oh my!

    I'm in the same boat with Shelley.... my hubby would be happy to never have to lift a finger around our house. We have so many projects that NEED his attention and so many projects that held his attention for just so long (ie...not finished!)

    I do feel your pain however. I hope he gets it all put back together soon!

  12. I feel your pain! I just live through a major renovation 3 years ago, and it's still fresh! Have a great weekend and have fun!

  13. You and I have a lot in common.
    1. Cottage
    2. A golden retriever
    3. The need to research a project to death before starting.

    Good luck to you. I bet you are in a bit of panic mode.

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