An Old, Chippy Sign

Sunday, November 21, 2010

When I say old, I mean realllllly old.

When I say chippy, I mean reallllllly chippy.

At an antique show last spring I wandered around looking for an old, chippy sign. Even though the colours weren't exactly what I would have chosen, when I found this sign I knew I had to get it.

You see, that's kind of my nickname. Here is where I crawl under a rock and die of embarrassment for sharing the hubby's nickname for me on the Internet. Yup. He calls me Peach, Peaches, or Peacher (don't ask about the last one).

My mom said it was a "sign" that I should get the sign. Bah ha ha.

I seem to have this habit of buying things to hang on the walls, leaving them for about a year until I finally make a decision on where they will go, and then hanging them up.

So I finally hung the sign (on a nail 'cause Alex was gone again, hee hee) in our front entrance. The closet has a bi fold door with no trim around it and it always looked a little lost to me.

I thought the colour of the lettering also looked kinda good with the super-cute light fixture that is in there. If you look closely it has little etched stars all over the glass which look really pretty at night with the light shining through. But don't look too closely because it's also full of dust.

It feels good to finally make a decision and get something accomplished. Now if only I could get around to hanging the bell in the dining room, the antique window that also needs to be hung in the dining room, and the two pictures that need to be hung in the sunroom....... 


Only 33 sleeps until camera time Christmas morning. 


I'll be choosing a winner for my 200+ Followers Stamp Giveaway tonight at 9:00 p.m.


  1. First of all thanks for posting on my blog!
    Secondly, my fingers are crossed you will pick me tonight at 9PM!!

    AND LAST and most importantly..... I'm so sorry your file will be in Canada for another year.... THAT SUCKS ASS. I'm sure that was really hard to swallow.

    Big HUGS

  2. Oh, now that is cute! And I love the meaning attached to it.

  3. Love the old sign and that's a perfect spot for it! You keep freaking me out with your countdown til xmas. I am so not ready. But I hope to get a camera too :)

  4. Well Peaches, the sign looks like it was made for that spot. Very cute.

  5. Love the sign!! Peaches is a cute name! :)

  6. That sign is so cute and pretty!
    Where do these conventions happen? My town never gets anything like that :S

  7. I think Peaches is so cute and I think your mom was right it was a sign♥


  8. Love the sign! Love the spot.... nickname bahahahaha slightly embarrassing bahahaha you guys are nerdy! buuuut thats why I love ya!

  9. Super cute sign and that nickname is cute too, nothing to be embarassed about, its not like he calls you sugar-lips or something...or maybe he does!

  10. That sign is so cool, and the meaning behind it makes even more special! I am glad your Mom told you to get it, it looks perfect there.

  11. Super cute sign and that nickname is cute too, nothing to be embarassed about, its not like he calls you sugar-lips or something...or maybe he does!


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