Breakfast Room Lighting - Wickedly Awesome Poll

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How do you like that title? It was designed to lure you in so that you will share your wickedly awesome thoughts with me on the possible lighting for our breakfast room.

We still have the original light fixture in the room right now. I don't hate it's guts (which I usually do) so it will stay for now until we find something that we really love to replace it. I gave the current one a quick fix with some white spraypaint (I'll show ya later) but ultimately I'm envisioning a pendant light for over the table. 

I'll show you this Pottery Barn picture for an idea of the size and shape of our breakfast room table. (Oh if only our room could look this comfy and pretty and inviting when it's done.) Our table is tiny, white, round, and will sit directly under the light fixture in the center of our teeny tiny room. 

This is not, I repeat not, my house. It's a lovely inspiration photo from Pottery Barn.
Our table is tiny, white, and round like this one. But not as nice, 'cause it's not from Pottery Barn.


1. The breakfast room is next to the powder room and kitchen, which will both (eventually) have brushed nickel fixtures and finishes. The window hardware (yup, already picked it) will also be in a brushed nickel finish. The picture below is showing the finial for the drapery rod. It's prettier in person.

I've had my eye on this window hardware for months. Months, I tell ya.

2. There is a window behind the fixture and table. If I choose anything too bulky, it will block the view of the window when you are looking into or entering the room.

3. I have none of the following stores even remotely near me. I would have to either order a fixture from the states, order a comparable fixture from a local lighting store, or go on a road trip to pick one up. 

Now, here's the fun part.

I've been searching the net for some inspiration and here are some light fixtures that I realllllllly like.

Like, a lot.

1. Serena Antique Mercury Glass Pendant - Pottery Barn

2. Rustic Glass Pendant - Pottery Barn

3. Decorative Embossed Silver Lamp - Pale and Interesting

4. Gramercy Pendant Light - Sundance

5. Burlap Drum Pendant - Ballard Designs

6. Burlap Barrel Chandelier - Restoration Hardware

Which one do you like best? Please oh pretty please let me know in my silly poll.

P.S. I know I didn't show you a picture of the room but it's under construction and I don't want to give away the big reveal..... :)

Which light fixture do you think would look wickedly awesome in our breakfast room?


  1. It's hard to say what will look right, but without seeing the room, the Serena is gorgeous enough to design a room around it!

  2. Wait, what do you mean window hardware? I love the hardware you showed us. But where on the window? Did you mean cabinets?

    So many good choices for lighting and you didn't show us the room. If the table is as teeny tiny as you make it out to be I'll go with #1! But I also like 4, it's bigger and might fit better.

  3. I'd go with #4. The scale of it seems right while the others seem a bit small and dainty or too big and would block the view of the window. I do love the looks of all the lights though!

  4. Loving the mercury glass pendant!!! Definitely! And PS. that PB breakfast table picture is in my inspiration book too :) So beautiful!

  5. I like the two silvery lights--the mercury glass one is nice, but seems a little dark and moody to go with the light and shiny finial.

  6. I voted, a poll is such a fun idea!

  7. First time visit. Lovely blog and photos. Charmaine


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