Cute Coffee Table Alert

Friday, September 13, 2013

I went and bought a new coffee table for the basement even though it's still under construction and there is absolutely no room to store anything. I will willingly trip over this coffee table every time I go down into the dungeon to do laundry because it is that nice. A super duper awesome Homesense find.
I think I mentioned before that my Aunt works there. Not only is it fun to visit her whenever Cooper and I go shopping, but she always keeps her eyes peeled for items that are on my wish list. Fun, right?
A few weeks ago there was an urgent message on my answering machine saying that I needed to drive out to Homesense ASAP because there was a one-of-a-kind coffee table about to go on the floor that was a) solid wood, b) made in India, c) white and rustic wood, and d) super cottage-y. 
I'm sure you can imagine how fast I loaded the Coopster up in the car to get there before that coffee table was snatched up by someone else!
Here is a little picture that I snapped with my iPhone before leaving the store. I'm in love.
P.S. Cooper had his first good toddler tantrum that day. Apparently he really likes playing in the toy aisle. ;)


  1. Super cute! I always have to drag my little one out of the toy aisle too!

  2. Um..first of all, can your Aunt be my Aunt? And move to Toronto and call me? AHHHHHH

    Great find. Great price. Great Aunt!

  3. Great to have an aunt that knows your taste, and works in a cool place! I was so lucky that my boy didn't throw any tantrums in the toy aisle - I have no idea why he didn't - he prefers food, and even today (he's 11) will get narcky if we leave a "food" aisle without food!!!

  4. Love that table! It's almost identical to my family room one- except mine was free at a yard sale : )It is so great because it has the wooden top, plus the shelf underneath-a great find no matter what the price!

  5. super cute Sarah. Oh I love thee...oh, wait...

  6. What a great find! Love that table!

  7. Such a great find! I love that your aunt gave you the heads up.

  8. That's awesome that you have the inside scoop on what is at HomeSense. I have never been lucky enough to come across something like that there, and now I know why...I need to become friends with someone there!

  9. I love/need/want this table!! also i love the design of your blog. so cute!


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