Showing Off Comes Back to Bite You in the Butt

Monday, January 4, 2010

I really, truly was surprised and impressed with how my first two dolls turned out. It seems crazy to me that 4 weeks ago I didn't know how to sew anything and now I can actually make something that looks semi-decent.

Well doesn't showing off come back to bite you in the butt. Last night I was working away on a new doll, but this time I decided to make it a wee bit fancier. So I attempted the ever-elusive....


Maybe it didn't help that it was 11:00 at night and I had the back-to-work-in-the-morning-jitters. Maybe I was just too cocky.

I cut the little rectangle, sewed a decorative edge on top, ironed the seam allowances, then stitched the small fabric piece onto the front of the dress. I was so giddy that I actually, literally, shouted out loud to Alex (who was annoyed because he was watching Holmes on Homes) that, "I MADE A POCKET!"

Then I looked closer. That's when I saw this:

A totally crooked pocket that I sewed...... shut. I'm awesome.


  1. That's pretty funny.....your dolls are SO CUTE by the way. :) I want some...

  2. baaahhaahaahaaa!!!
    i love it!!!
    katie (your fellow sewing student)

  3. LOL, that is so funny! They look great Sarah.


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