The Hot Goss Not-At-All-Superbowl Special ft. Pat Gourdeau - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #83

kim k fragrance hot goss

The Goss crew is joined by the all-goss-knowing Pat Gourdeau to discuss Kim K's V-Day surprises, the unveiling of Yeezy season 6 (ft. our social section star Abella Danger), the continuation of the hip Reverend saga and much, much more! Tune in :D

How To Have A Humble Bro Down - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #91

ansel hot goss

The Goss crew go guest-less to talk Goop-endorsed coffee enemas, butt chugging, humble bro downs, the forgotten members of the Cyri clan and much, MUCH more! Tune in and come see HOT GOSS LIVE (ft. some of your favourite GOSS GUESTS) at Psychic City on Saturday, January 20 at 8PM. PWYC/BYOB/dress to impress cause it's a RED CARPET AFFAIR, BABY!

The Real Gwen Stefani Must Be Frozen Somewhere ft. Maya Inglis - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #88


The Goss crew is joined by Maya Inglis to discuss Josh Homme's most recent idiotic exploits, Gwen Stefani's slow descent into what we can only hope is clone-dom, a tween star's Instagram presence and much, MUCH more! Tune on in, baybee!

LiLo's Accent Lives! ft. Pete Gendron & Marilis Cardinal - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #87


The Goss crew is joined by the sweetest of all Petes (Gendron) and Marilis Cardinal to discuss Salt Bae's social media presence, Lindsay Lohan's new bodybuilder not-boyfriend, John Oliver's takedown of ol' Dusty Hoffman and much, much more (including some local ~goss~ baybee). It's a fun show, we promise! What'll be even MORE fun, however, is our big LIVE GOSS EXTRAVAGANZA Jan. 20th (a Saturday, so no excuses!) at Psychic City. Details to come vvvvv soon ;)

I DID SOMETHING BAD ft. Marilis Cardinal & James Watts - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #84

taylor swift hot goss

The Goss crew (aka Kelly) is joined guest co-host extraordinaires Marilis Cardinal and James Watts to discuss Katherine Heigl's social media presence (it's a LOT, you guys), Taylor Swift's REPUTATION and the fact that 99.98888% of famous dudes are full on pigs ;) WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!?!? lololol we're fine everything is going to be fine... right?!?!?!!?

Dick Out, Shrimp In Hand ft. Anthony Assaf & Kate McGillivray- Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #83

brett r.jpg

The Goss crew is joined by not one, but TWO amazing guests (Anthony Assaf and Kate Mcgillivray) to discuss Jeremy Pivin's social media situation, the stars of Halloween 2017 (for real this time), more of Hollywood's horrible abusive bullshit and whether or not it's acceptable to compliment yourself via your pet's Instagram account that you actually run. STILL FUN, PROMISE ;)


(a misleading photo for this ep tbh but also who cares)

(a misleading photo for this ep tbh but also who cares)

The Goss crew attempts (and fails) to provide listeners with a Halloween special, but does manage to talk about the Smashing Pumpkins and shove some costume chat in at the end (more Halloween stuff next week I'm sure). STILL FUN THOUGH, PROMISE!!

The World Is Garbage Never Forget ft. Nancy Webb & Travis Cannon - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #80


The Goss crew is joined by the incredible Nancy Webb (and the debonair Travis Cannon in for Emma Overton) to discuss Sharon Stone's Instagram presence, Harvey Weinstein, garbage people, Harvey Weinstein, fucking literal monsters, Harvey Weinstein and that's pretty much it! Enjoy and we're sorry in advance!

Stuff Me When I Die And Throw Me In The Grotto ft. Aleks Maric - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #79


The Goss crew is joined by the wonderful Aleks Maric (as well as Hot Goss all star Marilis Cardinal in for Emma Overton) to discuss unintentional (?) ice queen Dua Lipa, Madonna's stand-up comedy "debut", Hugh Hefner's very timely death and so much MORE! It's a fun show, give it a chance!

A Donkey Cloppin' Christmas - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #78


The Goss crew goes guest-less (what else is new? WHATEVER WE ARE BUSY PEOPLE!) to discuss Kylie's maybe-baby, Miley's latest donkey-cloppin' single, Bella Thorne's whole "thing", Big Brother Canada (GO AUDITION AND TELL US WHAT HAPPENS) and the (potential) final nail in the coffin that is Gwen Stefani's career. 

Chris Pratt Stock Plummets ft. Tara Desmond - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #75

anna farris chris pratt goss

The Goss crew is joined by the wonderful/multi-talented Tara Desmond to discuss Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's heart-wrenching divorce, Taylor Swift's whole lawsuit thing, the debut of Kylie's World (aka Life of Kylie) and why Jessica Simpson isn't more famous in America 2K17.