Episode 4: Comedy Podcasting With Lauren Mitchell and Natalie Norman

Episode 4: Comedy Podcasting With Lauren Mitchell and Natalie Norman

It's episode four of Experts! This week we are getting A LITTLE BIT META and talking podcasts, and who better to discuss the topic than two of Canada's greatest podcast queens: Lauren Mitchell (Cavern of Secrets podcast) and Natalie Norman (The Crimson Wave podcast)! 

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Episode 3: Comedy Show and Festival Production With Erin Hall & Sasha Manoli

erin hall and sasha manoli for experts podcast

Oh baby, get ready because it’s a brand new episode of Experts Podcast!

This week we tap into the genius minds of local comedy producers Erin Hall and Sasha Manoli!

We talk with them all about producing live comedy and festivals, so grab a note pad and a pen and have a listen!

Erin Hall is Festival Director of Montreal Sketchfest, Co-founder/Communications Director of Ladyfest Montreal and Co-founder/Co-Producer of The Sketch Republic: a monthly sketch show in Montreal. One day Erin found comedy and though you'll rarely see her on stage she is in love forever!

Sasha Manoli has been developing and producing shows since 2010 which have been featured in Festivals such as JFL42, Montreal Fringe, Zoofest and OFF-JFL. She has worked in programming and digital strategy for organizations such as Just For Laughs, Phi Centre, Montreal Sketchfest and 202 Comedy Festival. She also founded The Brunch Club in 2015 as a means to work with homegrown and international talent to help nurture and grow Canadian comedy culture.

Follow Erin Hall via Theatre Sainte Catherine at @theatrestecat and follow Sasha through the Brunch Club at @brunchclubcom

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