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Thursday, July 11, 2013

We're on round #2 of baby proofing around here these days. Things that Cooper had no interest in are all of a sudden fascinating. Like the curtain panels (that he is trying to climb), the toilets (that he is trying to flush), and the heating grates (that he is removing and stuffing with all of his toys). One whole area of the house that is in complete disarray is the shelving on our two Ikea kitchen carts. This is how they used to look:

I pretty much had to take everything off except for the bread basket and the two file baskets. My most favourite white bowl ever (that I used as a fruit bowl) got smashed to smithereens one day when Coops was in his playpen in the kitchen.

Either he grew an inch overnight or I pushed the playpen a little too close to the carts but he was suddenly able to stand on his tippy toes and pull the bowl off the shelf onto the floor. Thankfully no-one was hurt. Well, except for the prettiest bowl ever... I cried inside while I swept up all the little broken pieces. Sniff, sniff.
I've been brainstorming some functional, pretty, and baby safe options for storage on the lower shelves. I'm thinking a wooden dough bowl for fruit and some wire baskets for dish towels? I don't mind if Cooper rolls oranges and potatoes around. It's all in good fun. What I do know is that we NEED the storage space. Especially with the sudden addition of a million fluorescent sippy cups all over the place.
Speaking of things that aren't working well in the kitchen, that linoleum flooring in the above picture has got to go. The fact that is looks filthy no matter how often you wash is it getting on my nerves. Even worse, little chunks are starting to peel and come up. I'm wondering if some peel and stick tiles in a checkerboard pattern would tide me over until we have the time and money to tackle a full-scale kitchen renovation? 
Speaking of kitchen renovations, I'm in all kinds of love with Elissa's new kitchen over at Our House. I pretty much love everything about it. Would it be weird if I admitted that I click on over to her blog to stare at her kitchen pictures every few days? Yup, I'm an envious kitchen blog stalker.

Our House - Kitchen Reveal
Sigh. Dreamy.

In other news...... I'm getting a bit of a tan (yay), Cooper all of a sudden decided that he is going to be a picky eater (nooooooooo), and I'm still working on painting the exterior side entry (I got distracted by sunshine, photo sessions, and the beach)(doh).


  1. Ummmm...I may now be stalking her kitchen as well! I can't believe you lost that gorgeous bowl :(

  2. It's always a challenge finding a new way for things to work at home once they get to the getting into everything stage. My son is a year and a half and I think he's finally slowing down a little! Your ideas sound great. Child friendly, useful and cute.

  3. good luck with cooper- sawyer is a super picky eater! ugh!

  4. Oh no! My daughter who has the same birthday as Cooper is now a picky eater too. I even stole your turkey cheese sandwich bites idea and presented it to her but she wasn't impressed. Does he throw food too? Sigh. But try cutting the same food in different shapes, as that seemed to work, at least for the time-being. But she will eat frozen peas anytime. That's nutritious, right? :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 12, 2013

    This cozy cottage kitchen redo is really nice. I'm a visual person, so something like this would work for me... Behind closed cabinet doors, I forget what I actually have. Thank you for sharing!

  6. What is up with these babies touching things they're not supposed to ;) I found that giving Chloe her own drawer (bottom drawer filled with tupperware, water bottles, and other unbreakables) helped distract her from the other drawers in the kitchen, not to mention it gave me some hands-free time and let me still watch her while I was in the kitchen.

  7. Oh, I remember the days of putting everything on a higher shelf etc. The photo makes your lino look really nice! I too, am looking at kitchens everywhere in blog world as we're about to do ours up (yay!) - loves yours though! :-D

  8. haha-- I just saw this... you're awesome!


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