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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wow, it's been a long time since I've shared any progress from The Fixer Upper. It doesn't mean that work hasn't been happening over there. It's just that most of the work has been "un-pretty" if you will. Here are a few examples off the top of my head although I'm sure this list can probably be more than tripled. Alex and his dad have been busy!

Un-Pretty Projects Over at The Fixer Upper:

- five new basement windows were purchased and installed
- all new ductwork was put in and hooked up to the furnace
- plumbing for a laundry tub in the basement was set up
- the bathtub in the second floor bathroom was framed in
- electrical plugs and lights were wired up in the basement
- the pool wall was reinforced so it didn't cave in over the winter 
- the basement stairs were reinforced because they were super creaky and rickety
- the main floor bathroom door had to be rehung after they leveled the back of the house
- the back part of the house was insulated
- a hole in the floor under the dishwasher was patched
One blog-worthy project that the boys did get done (yay!) was to install two new exterior doors. We were originally planning to salvage both of the original wood doors, however the one at the front of the house had too much wood gouged out of it from bad hardware installation and the back door stunk of pet urine. Since we got rid of every single surface at the back of the house for that very reason, it didn't really make sense to keep the last remaining stinky item. {Shudder.}
I basically have the best family and friends ever. Many of 'em read my blog and will regularly send me a message or phone-call if they see any needed items that I've mentioned on my blog. So, I got a call from my aunt a few months back saying that Home Depot had exterior doors in the style that I really liked for $197 per door. Except they were one of those one-weekend-only special buys.
We raced to Home Depot like nobody's business hoping to get a 32" door for the front and a 30" door for the side. Unfortunately the doors in the shipment were all 32" wide. We went back and forth over whether to buy just the front door, as we wanted both doors to be the same. In the end we couldn't pass up the deal and went ahead and purchased the front door. 
Well whaddayaknow the very next weekend, when Alex went to the window / door department to order the basement windows, he found another shipment of the same door. Except this shipment had the 30" door size! Since there were only three doors left, and Alex had firm instructions from me via text to not leave the store without the door, he had to call one of his buddies to pick it up in his truck since Alex was driving the car that day. Oh the things we'll do for a good deal cute door.
The old doors on The Fixer Upper were so ratty tatty that these new ones make the house look so much better already. It also helps that the boys ripped off some of the icky mint green siding.
Here is the front door:
And here is the side door:
We scored a great deal on the front door hardware. The box had been opened (but was still brand new) so we got the set for 50% off! Just an FYI, both the front door hardware and the side door hardware are the same colour, satin nickel, although they look different in the following photos. 

Since the doors are only primed they will definitely have to be painted with some durable exterior paint. In a fun colour of course. I have some ideas twirling around but of course they will depend on the siding colour we choose.
P.S. We're going for the siding next week. Eeeeeep!


  1. These are gorgeous doors and I love your hardware - it is very similar to the look I want for the front door on my new place! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. New place? FUN!

      I want a similar style of door for our place once we get around to it. So pretty, right?

  2. Love the doors! Those were the style I wanted but were never available and were a costly special order! Can't wait to see the finished product. Exciting! Thanks for the update. :)

    1. Ooooh, I hate costly special orders. We've been without closet doors for 3 years because they are special order and cost $350 each. Ouch.

      These were a steal though. Yay!

  3. Great discount. Like your door hardware too! Looking forward to more renovations/revelations!

    1. Thanks Petra! Hopefully I won't be so long in between updates next time. :)

  4. Well fiberglass doors always look like newer every-time watching them. Neither their design nor their shine fade away with time like wooden doors. That might be a reason fiberglass Exterior Doors Toronto are in great demand nowadays.


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