Small Town Antique Shop Finds

Monday, March 11, 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, we hit up a street of antique shops during our Florida vacation. Some stores were stinky, some were junky, but some had some little treasures tucked away if you stuck around to search for them.
I was able to take a few pictures here and there but most of the time I had Cooper in the baby carrier and one of his new favourite pastimes includes trying to grab/throw/eat my camera. ;)
Here are a few cute finds that unfortunately did not make it back in my suitcase. Wah wah waaaaah.

This would be cute on display in a crisp, all-white bathroom.

I love the patina of this box. I thought it could be used for display on the narrow shelf of a console table or on the bottom shelf of an end table.

I wanted this so bad! I would have used it for an adorable desk or drawer organizer. Unfortunately it wasn't for sale!
Ooops, this picture is out of focus. Oh well. I'm looking for something similar (not red though) for the corner of our stairwell landing.
I thought this would work as a funky utensil holder in a vintage-y kitchen.
The handle on this little tin is so adorable! I could've used this for so many things: pencil holder, plant pot, etc.

Every time I see a bucket or basket I think of plunking a baby in it for a photo shoot.

What little boy's room couldn't use this airplane wall art?

I thought this old cheese grater would look super cute framed in a crisp, white shadow box

I love the double handle on this little metal container. I could picture this little guy on a shelf display or hanging from a little hook. So much charm!

Well, that's it for me today. Coops and I are off to the grocery store since we have like, no food in our house. I suggested canned beans on toast for supper but the look on Alex's face was less than impressed. Hmpf. Boys.


  1. Wow looks like a lot of great possible finds! I especially love that patina box, too bad it wasn't for sale.

  2. Love all the treasures. My favorite is that Philadelphia box...I am sucker for crate/boxes like that.

  3. Such cute things! What's sad is that I used to have several of those things and got rid of them. You might need to be sitting for this next sentence. Hubby had a wooden box like your 2nd photo, and just tossed it into the burn pile recently. It didn't have a latch like that one though.

  4. Buried treasures are the best...I know what you mean about the occasional smell though....eewwww

  5. All such neat things, I have two of those milkcans and they are adorable to decorate with!
    Love your instagram of Cooper!

  6. Don't you just love coming across little treasures - such a shame you couldn't take some home! I know all about the baby-in-a-bucket idea! Have you seen Anne Geddes work?


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