Ordering New Slipcovers and a Few Other Randoms

Saturday, March 16, 2013

After lots n' lots of spills (whoops) and general wear and tear our current Ikea Extorp slipcovers have finally bit the dust.
We knew that we would be needing some new ones in the near future as the couch cover had a small tear at one of the corners. However after the last wash, the small tear turned into a large hole. Large enough that Cooper has been trying to jam all of his toys in it. Hahaha!
We were going to hold off on purchasing new covers until our big Ikea road trip in the spring. (We have quite a few other items on our Ikea shopping list right now.) However just for fun, Alex hopped on the Ikea site the other night just to see what the shipping costs would be if we decided to order them online to get them a bit sooner. 
I was quite surprised, in a good way, to find out that the total cost of four new slipcovers plus shipping would be $239.
Extorp Sofa Cover - $79
Extorp Loveseat Cover - $79
Extorp Armchair Cover - $29
Extorp Footstool Cover - $29
Shipping to the Boonies - ONLY $23!!!!!
Well that's pretty much a done deal. I'm going to go ahead and order them as soon as I hit publish on this post. Yay!
Random #1
Thank you so much to everyone who left feedback and 'go-get-em-tiger' comments on my last post about painting our exterior brick. It's just what I needed to hear to get even more motivated to go for it. I also made sure that Alex read each and every comment. After all, he is the one who still needs to be convinced. But not for much longer, muhahahaha.
Random #2
Even though I'm all gung-ho to paint the exterior brick like right now, who knows when it will ever get done. It's been four years and we still haven't stained our fence if that gives you any indication. We also have some big projects at The Fixer Upper coming up this spring / summer. A girl can dream of a non-orange house though, a girl can dream.
Random #3
I ate an apple while writing this post but sliced it super thin and pretended I was eating chips instead. Goodbye late night junk snacking for one day.
Random #4
I still haven't unpacked my suitcase from our Florida vacation. Is that weird or does everyone else do that too?
Random #5
I bought my second ever grown up purse while I was on holiday. This time I walked up to it and liked it right away. You know, instead of having to go through the purse aisles five times just to pick the one purse that had the least amount of bling on it. Yup, that's what happened the first time.
Random #6
I'm making some small changes to our living room, dining room, and front entry over the next few weeks. Of course they are only minor but of course I am majorly excited about them. Hint: curtains, cushions, paint, etc.) Wheeeeeeeeee!


  1. Just a head's up for your IKEA trip...lots of times they have various slipcovers in the clearance bin by the exit...Got my ektorp cover for $15 and a side chair for $10....great bargains and you know you'll always need it eventually!!

    1. Great idea. I've been thinking about getting an extra set of covers just for a back-up!

  2. Thanks to you, I have ordered new Ektorp covers now too! May I send the bill to you? Mine will be shipped to Innisfil, just south of Barrie. What part of Ontario do you live in?

    My daughter's in-laws have a home in Punta Gorda, had the pleasure of staying there a couple of years ago.
    Lovely area.

    1. Haha, you can send me your bill if I can send you mine. Deal?

  3. I would like to go to Ikea, but we live in Nova Scotia and they don't have one here. Closest one is in Quebec! I think of a road trip sometimes, and I keep a list too just in case we go. It is funny, the things I always want the most say "not available online-in store only" Which makes more of a case for a road trip!

  4. I've been known not to unpack for at least a month after a trip, but I think even longer than that...

    1. The great part about it is when you finally open up the suitcase to find all of the clothes / shoes that you forgot you had. Hahaha!

  5. Where did you get your bamboo blinds? We decided we want dark ones in our dining room and it looks like yours roll up...yes?

    Oh, and score on the Ektorp covers.

    1. The bamboo roll-up shades were purchased from Linens N' Things about five years ago when they were going out of business in our town. We bought the remaining seven shades and I still wish I had bought a few more! (They were the ONLY shades I could find in that medium-brown color that were roller shades instead of roman shades.)

      I've checked Linens N' Things online a few times since when people ask about them but have never been able to find the exact same ones. Boooo.

      I haven't checked recently though so it might be worth taking a quick look on their site or in the store.

      Good luck!


    2. Thanks for the tip! I'll check out Linens N' Things and some other local stores. I really want the medium brown color and the idea of a roller shade is quite awesome to me.

  6. Ok. I am in LOVE with your home.

    1. Thanks so much Camille. It's still a huge work in progress. But it's coming along.... :)

  7. Sarah, I can't wait to see what all you change up! Exciting, pretty please don't make us wait to see because I am going to be checking constanly now to see what you change! I love your home. How long did you have your couch covers until you replaced them? I have the off whiteish (word? haha) color which are more expensive and I have had them about a year and half. Of course I have three little ones so I am debating if I can justify replacing them yet or wait a little longer? There are no major stains so I should probably wait... ! Can't wait to see your updates!


  8. Wow! Ikea is so cheap where you are (compared to Aussie $). Painting brick is great fun (somehow I missed that post) and we have done it before - wonderful results, and I TOTALLY recommend it! (Just be careful on your colour choice as some colours look better than others) :-)

  9. We're about to purchase an EKTORP...can you tell me how long you had yours before you had to buy a new cover? LOVE your blog btw... I found it googling cleaning IKEA slipovers :)

    1. We probably had them about three years before we bought an extra set the first time. Then we used the second set a lot more and bought a third set just recently.

      I think it depends on how much wear, tear, and washing you do. We wash ours quite frequently so I'm sure that's a contributing factor.

      Hope that helps, and good luck with yours. We really do love them! :)

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Do you have the ikea furniture under the ektorp slipcovers? I have similar furniture (that is not ikea) and was considering buying the ikea slipcovers to go over it...since the price is perfect....but am unsure if it will fit.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Yes, I do have the Ikea furniture under the Ikea slipcovers. I would really recommend testing the slipcovers if possible to see if they will fit over one of your cushions before purchasing.

      My brother-in-law wanted to do the same thing so he brought a cushion over to see if the covers would fit - and they were way too small. The Ikea covers fit so snugly that even if your other couch is a wee bit bigger or differently shaped you might have a hard time getting them on.

      It is worth a try though if you have a way to test them first. :)

      Good luck! :)


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