An Update on My Totally Attainable Goals for 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Way back in January I jumped on the resolution bandwagon and blasted my personal goals all over the internet. I must've been feeling brave that day. Or crazy. ;) 

I wrote a list of twenty challenges that I was hoping to accomplish over the course of the year. Here's how I'm doing so far.

P.S. No-one is as surprised as me that I'm actually following through with an update. Freaky, yes I know.
2013 Challenges
1. Take a family vacation.
Done! Our little fam went to Florida for two weeks in February. I heart palm trees and beach sand.
2. Learn Photoshop and/or Lightroom better by taking an online or in-person course or workshop.
Done! I took an in-person 4-week Photoshop workshop that was newly offered by my old photography instructor. Now I can make layers and clone backgrounds and all sorts of cool stuff!
3. Wear pink lipstick out of the house on a weekday.
Ummm, not yet but..... I did buy some. Now I just need to do the wearing part.
4. Choose a runner for the stairs already.
Okay so while I haven't completed this yet, I'm part way there. Before buying/installing a stair runner I had to repaint all the stair treads first which I just finished yesterday. Booya!
5. Teach the Coopster better sleep habits, ummm, like how to self-soothe. Apparently he likes to wake up every hour now to get cuddles.
Done! I mentioned in my last Coopster update that after some gradual and consistent sleep training he is now sleeping through the night. And it is glorious.
6. Eat at a sushi restaurant even though it makes me queasy just thinking about it. 
Ummm, not yet.
7. Order some fabric with color (gasp!) and make some new cushions for the living room.
I'm sort of on my way with this one! I have some fabrics narrowed down and will be ordering some swatches next week. Me: excited.
8. Go fishing. Of course I would let the fishies go.
Ummm, not yet.
9. Read ten books. From the library.    
I tried but failed at this one so far. We took a family trip to the library. I checked out eight books. I only got through half of one before I had to return them all. I put the stack in my car and forgot about them for two weeks. Then I got an angry voicemail from the library informing me of my late charges. Oy.
10. Knit one thing. Maybe a scarf. Maybe a baby scarf because they are smaller.
Ummm, not yet.
11. Give away 10 small gifts to unsuspecting peeps just for the fun of it.
Oh man, saying that I haven't done this one yet makes me sound really horrible. I do have some ideas though. Now it's time to follow through!
12. Help Alex finish the basement.
Ummm, not yet but..... I do go down there sometimes and tell him he's doing a good job.
13. Take Cooper for swimming lessons even though being in a bathing suit in front of strangers is kind of horrifying.
Ummm, not yet but..... I'm checking the schedule as soon as I finish this post. Bad mommy forgot about swimming lessons.
14. Get braces. Again. Yuck, blech, boooooooooo.
This one is going to take a lot more self-pep-talks.
15. Do a 1000 piece puzzle. Wow, I'm a nerd.
Ummm, not yet but.... maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday. Nerd alert. Nerd alert.
16. Make a (wannabe) real photography website. Eeek. That one is scary.
I'm working on this one but it's nowhere near being ready. Starting is always the hardest part of anything, right?
17. Do some family portrait sessions and charge a wee bit of money for them. Eeek! That one is super scary too.
Done! I haven't mentioned this yet but another reason why I didn't post much on the blog during the month of February was because I did six family photo sessions since January! I've been taking all of my photos in Raw and processing them all using Lightroom and Photoshop which takes quite a bit of time for a newbie like me. :)  
18. Cook a recipe from the Thai cookbook that I bought two years ago.
Ummm, not yet.
19. Bake some cinnamon buns.
Ummm, not yet but.... I dream about eating them quite often. ;)
20. Adopt a baby. Okay so this one doesn't really count because we've been trying to do this for the last four years. But maybe 2013 will be the year it goes down!
Ummm, not yet but....... as of the last update it looks like we are #55 or so on the waitlist (we started at #222).
The final report says that I've accomplished 4/10. If I keep going at this rate I just might be able to finish this list by the end of the year but probably not. Hahaha.
How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions and goals? Have you given up or are you still going strong?


  1. woohoo, I think you're doing AWESOME!!!

    I want to see these photoshoots you've ben doing :)

    1. Hey Marcia!

      Thanks so much. Some of the items on the list were hard to get started.

      So you want to see some photoshoots. Welllll, they're not professional or anything because I'm still learning. But, when I finish up the website I'll for sure include the link on my Photography page.


  2. Wow, Sarah! This is an awesome list! You made me giggle a few times! Like your eat at a Sushi place.. I'm with ya on that one! lol But these are good, honest, and fun goals you have set for yourself! So go get'em girl! Jen

    1. Awww, thanks for the pep talk girl! I really appreciate it. :)

  3. Hello Sarah! Perhaps a pattern to entice you into knitting? It's a toddler scarf in cream and grey, right up your alley ;) Well on your way to finishing that list.

    1. Just checked out the link you recommended. SO CUTE! I think I might be able to do something simple like that scarf, minus the bow 'cause that looks hard.


      Thanks again for the link and for your kind comment. :)

  4. Getting braces wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I talked about it for at least 5 years before I finally did it. This was my 2nd time around (I was the WORST patient in my teens). This time they were on for only 14 months and there were only a couple of days where I had slight pain. Just Do It!!

    Suzanne Vincent

    1. Suzanne!

      That makes me feel sooooo much better. This will be my second time around too.

      I know it won't be as bad as I keep imagining it. I need to take your advice and just do it.



  5. I think it is great that you are holding yourself accountable! Love your blog even though I don't comment much (eek- sorry about that!) I could also move in to your pinterest boards- wowzers- love them.
    What about renewing your library books online? That's what I do! :)

    1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I appreciate every single one.

      I guess I figured that once my goals were on the internet, I'd have to be accountable for sure.

      I'm going to try the library thing again this week. Now that Coops is sleeping through the night I might have a chance to actually finish a book before the due date. ;)

      I never thought of renewing online. I hope they'll let you do it for months. And months. Hahaha!


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