Cinnamon Bun Attempt #1

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I will say attempt because they didn't quite turn out how they were supposed to.

Regular cinnamon buns: fluffy.
My cinnamon buns: flat.

Wah wah.

This little experiment happened last weekend. It was rainy and cold and it just seemed like "the day" to bake homemade cinnamon buns.

First I got all of the ingredients together. I vaguely remembered buying some little pouches of yeast a while back so I didn't bother buying any. I dug through the cupboard and found this:

If you look closely on those yeast packets you will see the year 2007. Oh that was awhile back alright!

I took a drive up to our little corner store (grocery store is too far on a Saturday morning while in your pajamas with ridiculous bedhead). The store only had this kind of yeast: regular.

I tried to ignore the fact that the recipe said rapid-rise yeast not regular. I googled it. It said it would be fine. It said it would be fine!!!!

So I dusted off my trusty Kitchen Aid Mixer. Not a good sign when you have to dust it before using it. Add that to the list of things to improve on. Baking more goodies.

So then I mixed and made a mess. The recipe said I had to knead the dough for eight minutes. Holy batman that was a good arm workout.

Then I set it out to rise. In my simple brain I thought that by covering the dough with a cute tea towel, the chances of the cinnamon buns turning out would increase. Cute tea towel:

All of a sudden I had these:

All of us (Roary, Alex, and I) were drooling. Literally. And then, finally, after about 6 hours of rising, punching, rising, rolling, sprinkling, and cutting, I baked them.

They just didn't rise in the oven and were flatty flat flat flat.

I blame the corner store for only having regular yeast. They should know better!

Anyway, even though they were flat they were pretty tasty. We gave away a few and devoured the rest by the end of the weekend. Yup. Healthy eating over here.

I don't have a picture of the finished product because I'm embarrassed but hopefully attempt #2 will be fluffier and photo-worthy.


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  1. I'm pretty much a dessert professional and those cinner buns were mighty tasty tasty!!!!! Thanks again and remember me anytime you need to load off any extras!!!!! hehehe


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