12/13/10   The New York Times - By Louise Story
A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives
12/03/10   Dow Jones/WSJ - By Katy Burne
CFTC Sets Out Four Proposals For Swaps Collateral Few Large Derivatives Traders Would Get Hit Under SEC
11/19/10   Dow Jones Newswire - By Katy Burne
CFTC Derivatives Disclosure Rules May Lift Transaction Costs
10/25/10   Financial Stability Board
Implementing OTC Derivatives Market Reforms
10/25/10   Dow Jones Newswire - By Katy Burne
Swaps Platform Urges 'Better Than TRACE' Reporting Jumbo Trades
10/15/10   SEC, CFTC Staffs to Host Joint Public Roundtable to Discuss Issues Related to Clearing of Credit Default Swaps
Co-Founder of the SDMA will be contributing to the conversation at this roundtable.
10/01/10 - By Gary DeWaal
Dodd-Frank: Game changer for futures brokers
08/30/10   Congressional Research Service - By Mark Jickling and Kathleen Ann Ruane
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Title VII, Derivatives House Governance
08/28/10   The New York Times - By Gretchen Morgenson
Fair Game: It’s Not Over Until It’s in the Rules
08/23/10 - By Eleni Himaras
BNY Eyes OTC Clearing Moves
08/09/10   Analyst Wire - By Deirdre Bolton
Gary Dewaal, General Counsel at Newedge Group-Paris, Talks About The Effects of Financial Regulatory Reform on Business on Bloomberg TV
06/15/10   Bloomberg - By Matthew Leising and Shannon D. Harrington
Banks Block OTC Derivatives Clearing in `Proxy War' for Profit, Group Says
06/08/10 - By Eleni Himaras
Nomura ICE Trust Membership A “Positive Step”
03/16/10   Bloomberg - By Matthew Leising and Shannon D. Harrington
Wall Street Dominance of Swaps Must End, Brokers Say
03/10/10   Bonds News - By Karen Brettell
ICE, CME clearing membership rules challenged for CDS