11/26/11   The New York Times - By Gretchen Morgenson
Slipping Backward on Swaps
11/22/11   Reuters - By Karen Brettell
INSIGHT - Funds battle banks over $300 trln derivatives market
10/27/11   Bloomberg - By Phil Mattingly and Bob Ivry
Bank of America Derivatives Transfer Attracts Lawmaker Scrutiny
10/18/11   Dow Jones Newswire - By Katy Burne
CFTC Votes In $50 Mln Minimum Capital Test For Swap Clearing Members
10/18/11   Javelin Capital Markets
Chief regulator discusses derivatives reform
10/17/11   Javelin Capital Markets
Battle over derivatives rules intensifies
09/05/11   Reuters
EU to force derivatives onto exchanges: Draft
08/06/11   The New York Times - By Gretchen Morgenson
Wall Street's Tax on Main Street
June/11   Structured Credit Investor - By Anna Carlisle
Lessons Learnt. The CDS industry is being asked to undergo a significant transformation in a short timeframe, the likes of which have taken many years in other sectors.
06/14/11   Structured Credit Investor
Perfect Settlement Pushed
06/06/11   The New York Times - By Louise Story
Financial Overhaul Is Mired in Detail and Dissent
06/06/11   FT Trading Room - By Louise Story
Derivatives view from Washington
06/06/11   Business Insider - By Jesse Eisinger and Jake Bernstein
Four Big Stumbling Blocks For Dodd-Frank
06/03/11 - By Gary Gensler
Gensler Says Swap Rules Will Lower Costs
06/03/11   Dow Jones - By Jamila Trindle
Regulators to Give More Guidance on Dodd-Frank Law before July Deadline
06/02/11   Finextra
Wall Street Calls for more Delays to Dodd-Frank Rules
05/31/11   Financial Times - By Michael Mackenzie
Swaps trading: Habits change in anticipation of arrival of electronic trading
05/11/11   Financial Technologies Forum - By Eugene Grygo
Dangerously Exposed? The SDMA ushers in open OTC clearing in a bid to prevent future fiascos
04/07/11   Reuters - By Megha Mandavia
Jefferies buys Derivatives Clearing Member
03/21/11   Derivatives Week - By Mike Kentz
SDMA Chief Blasts Nascent CCPS
02/23/11   The Wall Street Journal - By Katy Burne
Jefferies Taps Deutsche Bank Exec For Credit Derivatives Push
02/22/11   PR Newswire - By Javelin Capital Markets, LLC
Javelin Swap Execution Facility Names Hisler and Koppenheffer as CDS and IRS Heads
02/02/11   Wall Street & Technology - By Ivy Schmerken
Large Players Worry About Dodd Frank Swap Regs
01/13/11   The Wall Street Journal - By Jamie Cawley
ICE Trust Was Properly Put on Hold
01/11/11   Dow Jones - By Katy Burne
ICE Trust Withdraws Swaps-Clearing Application