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  I thought this was fitting that I spotlight this sandwich. This used to be my go to breakfast lunch and dinner if I was around Burger King. As always I’m going to give you the facts on this, get ready to cry peeps!  Here are the facts:

A1  Ultimate bacon cheeseburger  just the burger without any drink or side, 

 Calories 810 

 Calories from fat 440 

  Total fat 49 g 

 Saturated fat 22 g 

 Trans fat 0 g 

 Cholesterol 200 mg 

 Sodium 1400 mg 

 Total carbohydrates 41 g 

 Dietary fiber 1 g 

 Sugar 8 g 

 Protein 53 g 

 As we have discussed in other posts, your body can only absorb about 30 g of protein at a time. The rest is wasted. Are used to eat two or three of these at one sitting with a large order fries and a Diet Coke to watch my figure!  What I didn’t know it was to watch my figure grow! LOL  Not really on the laugh out loud part!  Over half the calories in this bad boy are calories from fat. This is not a great choice if you’re looking to be healthy! But again it’s all about choices and if we choose to eat something like this because it tastes really good then we have to choose to not complain when we end up at the doctors office and they’re wanting to cut our legs off! OMG, No  wonder I ended up at 450 pounds considering the calories on three of these is 2430 cal and that’s it one sitting folks. That does not include my large order french fries or two large order french fries and my large Diet Coke!  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until people listen, if you’re a truck driver and you’re on the road it’s hard enough to be out there let alone if you eat like crap there are much better alternatives much more healthy and that will give you more energy make you sleep better  and get home to your family safely! The choice is yours. As always if you would like to track yourself or connect with me for free  here is the link:

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