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Easy exercises for drivers (THE HEALTHY TRUCKSTOP)

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As a former OTR driver,I know how hard I thought it was to exercise on the road. 

That all has changed with the new fitness kick. It is now easier than ever before to get and stay healthy with exercise and diet on the road. You just have to make the choice to do it.

You didn’t hear much about resistance bands when I was on the road, but they are an ingenious invention that will help you do exercises on the road without weights or adding weight to your truck. Another great benefit of these resistance bands is that they are easy to store pretty much anywhere and do not take a lot of space.

Some of the benefits of resistance bands, you can use them in your truck easily. You can also change the resistance by either wrapping them around your hands or by getting a different resistance cord. This makes them very versatile! You can use them for a full body workout! Here are some exercises that you can do on the truck!

Always start with stretches, this loosens up your body so you don’t hurt yourself. Stretching is also a great way to start your morning when you first get up because as a driver you sit for 90% of the day and your muscles can get fatigued.

Quick simple stretches

And here is a beginner warm up for stretches that you can also do in the morning or whenever. This way you get the blood flowing which is really good for you and you get your heart rate up before you start your exercises.

Beginner warm ups

One thing you have to remember is that you cannot out exercise your diet. If you are not trying to eat healthier then it’s not going to matter how much exercise you get. It’s just a stone-cold fact.

Here are some exercises that you can do while OTR. 

Some exercises suggestions  

More exercises while on the road

As always if you need help with your nutrition or to get the right foods and learn how to eat cheap on the road such as meal prepping, feel free to get in touch with us. As you know it’s hard enough out on the road without hurting yourself by not exercising and stretching and eating healthier. If you ignore trying to be healthy on the road you will pay for it later it’s just a fact. I’m living proof!

If you want to connect with me and track yourself for free, 

Connect with me and track yourself for free

As always be safe out there drivers keep the shiny side up. Get back home safely!




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