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Diabetes (Good Foods)

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As most of you know, I am a diabetic, which means I seriously have to watch what I eat if I want to keep my legs and stay alive. Living on the road is hard enough without hurting yourself with your diet!   The list I am about to give you of foods are good for you and according to the American Diabetes Association they have a low glycemic index and provide nutrients such as calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamins A, C and E.

If you were looking to eat right on the road, you might want to consider getting one or more of these in your truck. 

  1. Beans
  2. Dark green leafy  vegetables 
  3. Citrus
  4. Berries 
  5. Tomatoes 
  6. Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids 
  7. Whole grains 
  8. Nuts 
  9. Fat-free milk 

Let’s start from the beginning, 



 I half cup of beans gives you about 1/3 of your daily requirement of fiber plus it has magnesium, and potassium beans are considered a starchy vegetable but a half cup of beans gives you about as much protein as an ounce of meat beans have a bonus of not having saturated fat’s the meat does.  If you use canned beans, make sure you rinse them and train them to get rid of as much sodium as possible.

Dark green leafy vegetables


 You can eat as much of these as you would like. They are low in calories and carbohydrates. Such as spinach, collards, and Kale.




Everything from lemons and lines to oranges or even   Great fruit can give you your daily requirements of soluble fiber and vitamin C! Plus they taste good. 



In moderation, these are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber!  You still have to watch out for the natural sugar that is in them. 



These are good anytime you can have as many as you want and they are packed full of vitamin C, iron, and vitamin E! 



Avoid fried fish. Salmon is very popular and is excellent for you. It’s high in omega-3 fatty acids.  And remember to try and get in at least 6 to 9 ounces of fish per week. 

Whole grains

Cereals - maize ,wheat, barley, millet, rye, rice and oats

These are packed full of nutrients but remember you will lose those nutrients when you opt for processed grains like bread made from enriched wheat flour whole grains contain magnesium chromium and a mega three fatty acid’s and also folate.


Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts

These can provide protein as well as healthy fats and offer magnesium and fiber. Walnuts and flaxseeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Remember moderation! 

Fat-free milk


Dairy is an excellent source of calcium as well as vitamin D.  If you were going to choose yogurt, you then need to read the label and find out how much sugar it has in it. Most yogurt as between 18 and 32 g of sugar. In other words, it’s not good for you especially if you’re diabetic.  What you can find yogurt that does not have a lot of sugar in it, it doesn’t taste as good, but it’s a whole lot better for you. 

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