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How full of SUGAR is the CAPRI SUN drink that we feed our children and do you even know? THE SUGAR SERIES dives into this question and answers it for you so you are informed about the facts. Then of course the choice is in your hands. I don’t know about you but I used to love these little pouch drinks while I was a trucker. They were awesome! Here are the facts though: PER

Capri Sun, Pacific Cooler 
 6.75 oz (200 ml) Pouch
 Sugars, total:		18g
 Calories, total:		70 
 Calories from sugar:	70
Basically a bag of water and high fructose corn syrup. 
Check out the note below. In the meantime, they have switched back to corn syrup. I wonder why they didn’t bother to email us and let us know? Apparently the pouches are only 177 ml now, and so have 16g of sugar. They didn’t email us about that change either.

To whom it may concern,

Your calories and grams of sugar with respect to Capri Sun Pacific Cooler are correct.  Your reference to High Fructose Corn Syrup is not.  There is no HFCS in Capri Sun as we reformulated the brand well over a year ago, moving to sugar and with 25% fewer grams than previously existed of HFCS.  So if you are going to denigrate our brand (no reference to the short list of ingredients without any artificial colors/flavors/preservatives), I would ask that you at least get your facts straight.

Neil Leinwand
Kraft Foods

So as far as I can tell, they got caught and then changed just like McDonald’s did with their pink paste chicken. Ever notice that these companies get caught and the they change it quickly and then act holier than thou about getting caught? Or is it just me? I do not care what companies choose to use for their products, but at least be honest about it. If you believe in your product that is! Or you can always go by the commercials that they put out, in which case you need the product or you’ll DIE! But I digress, Now you know the facts and you can make an informed decision!
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